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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Current weather in Phuket - 31st August 2015

Difficult during these days to say if weather is bad or at least not so bad so i decided to make a special update about weather in Phuket in August.

The month of August  closed with good weather, despite some rain sea was flat and no wind. There were two or three very hot days at the ed of last week because of the haze from Sumatra. Then a mild wind on Saturday and a night rain on Sunday cleared the air

Phuket Weather in August 2015
Patong bay early morning on 31 August 2015
Today some more clouds and wind is stronger, probably we will see some rain in next two days.
Kathu - Phuket
Sky over Kathu this morning

During the week was great with flat sea and clear sky, all activities and tours where possible.
Patong Beach - Thailand
Sunset at Patong Beach on 18 August 2015
But be aware that despite flat sea dugin Summer it is very dangerous to swim off the beaches on Phuket West Coast.
Warning sign for rip current - Thailand
Summer isn't good time for swimm off Phuket west Coast
Do that only where there are lifeguards and only where is allowed (must falgs that are half yellow and half red). Otherwise enjoy a nice walk on the beaches and sunbath.

On 14th August another lovely day and enjoyed riding my motorbike from Patong to Kamala , this was high tide at north end of Patong Beach.

Today 13th August  was a nice sunshine gave the good morning in Phuket that is back to blue sky and very nice condition to fully enjoy holidays and the island life.

Kamala Beach Phuket
Kamala beach view to south, morning 13th August 2015

Kamala Beach Phuket
Kamala beach view to north, morning 13th August 2015

On Tuesday 11th  and Wednesday 12th rain was back and for two days dark  sky was all over Phuket with a lot of rain. No wind and Sea was flat

Sunday 9th sky was covered in clouds but no rain and mild wind, while Monday 10th was a very good and hot day can see from the picture taken in the afternoon from The Nap Blue Moon suite balcony.
The Nap Patong - swimming pool
Swimming pool at The Nap Patong
Phuket Weather in August 2015
View over Patong Bay from The Nap on 10 August 2015

But last night rain started and this morning is still pouring down, no wind  that should pick up in the afternoon and clear the sky.

Forecast say that should be good all week.

The first picture shows the situation now, 16:30 on 5th August 2015 on the north west side of Phuket island

Weather in Phuket in August
Kathu Hills, view over North West on 5th  August 2015
Can see the rain and tick clouds approaching, for sure there will be some rain

The second picture taken few seconds later show the view over south East side of Phuket.
Weather in Phuket in August
View from Kathu over South East Phuket on 5 August 2015
Sky is clear and can even see blue sky at distance so probably down the islands of Racha Yai and Phi Phi was a good day with some sun.

Wind picked up since yesterday so wave out in open sea can big between one and two meters. While on sheltered side of the islands can stay in flat water and enjoy the warm sea

Don't forget that sea water temperature in Phuket is always between 27 and 30 Celsius, very nice to swim and dive there.

Phuket Island
Relax and enjoy holidays
Enjoy holidays and relax, and if it will pour down for one or two hours sit and wait for the rain to pass and enjoy the show of a tropical storm

Phuket Island
Rain beautiful isn't it?

Friday, July 24, 2015

Phuket weather update up to 26 July 2015

It is now Summer in Phuket, this week we had great conditions with clear sky, almost flat sea and Sun shining.
Kata Beach - Phuket
Kata Beach, morning 20 July 2015

It is now time for surfing in Phuket, check the tides and enjoy this fantastic outdoor activity
Surfing at Kata Beach
Surfer at Kata Beach on 20 July 2015

Phuket Tides:

waves in Phuket :

winguru Phuket:

We had some rain, mostly at night that kept air fresh in the morning then afternoon is hot so best is take a tour to the islands or enjoy fresh water with rafting and tubing for a fun and Easy Day discovering of  beaten track places around Phuket

For those like diving in Phuket in Summer is one of best time with clear water and lot of life
Diving Racha Yai - Phuket
Kit and Aldric enjoyed diving at Racha Yai on 21 July 2015

Or if you never tried now is the time with Discover Scuba Diving program (DSD) and Open Water  Course

Scuba Diving courses in Phuket
Pool session at Le Meridien Phuket on 19 July 2015

Seems like the weather will be good for another 10 days or more and will keep update in case it will change

Look at the percentage that is the probability of rain in a day and not the picture

The sea on the way to Phi Phi islands on 26 July 2015

Koh Mai Ton - Phuket
On the way to Phi Phi islands on 26 July 2015
Enjoy your holidays in paradise

Friday, July 17, 2015

Phuket Weather update up to 17th July 2015

The Sun is shining again and sea is calm...that is the good news since 15 July.
Patong Beach - Phuket
Patong beach  on 17 July 2015

But lest see what happen before: June left with very hot temperature, some clouds but not relevant rain falls in Phuket.

Patong Bay - Thailand
Patong Bay on 1st July 2015
Then July started with wind that got very strong around the 6th and brought heavy rain and storms for about ten days.
Storm in Phuket - Surin Beach
Strong wind for ten days
That was the situation until late afternoon on 15th July when changed and since yesterday Phuket went back to a very calm weather, sea is calm and only a light veil of clouds cover the sky.
Patong Bay
Patong bay on 15 July 2015
So it is time again for all activities and to enjoy the sea out at the islands

Since one year the beaches are clean from chairs and small business and for those that like to relax on the beach is great to see how freely can walk along them

But keep in mind that from now until end of October it is very dangerous to swim. During Summer on Phuket West Coast rip currents are very strong and dangerous

Thailand Beaches warning sign
Warning sign for rip currents

If like to fully enjoy beach life then stay few days in Phi Phi and specially on the east side, sheltered from wind and  waves
Image of Phi Phi islands
Monkey Beach in Phi Phi on 2nd July 2015

Or go to beautiful Racha Yai Island

Forecast look very good for next weeks for the holidays. There will be some rain for sure.

Let us know for best things to in Phuket and Khao Lak during summer holidays in Thailand

Monday, June 15, 2015

Phuket Weather update 6th to 16th June 2015

It is heavy rain since Sunday night and seems will be like this for next couple of days. The good news is that it is normal for the period and it is good for the forest and the water reserves.
Kathu Phuket
Clouds cover Kathu hills - a rainy day today

Being an all year destination Phuket has always a lot of people that come to visit for the beaches, the sea and the informal and amusing atmosphere

So what to do now if you are here and it is raining a lot?

First of all enjoy holidays anyway, air temperature is between 26 and 30 Celsius and water temperature is above 28 Celsius.

Can see from the two pictures on this article that the situation can be very different just few km south of Phuket. This because the fat clouds full of water are coming from west and Phuket hills attract them and rain falls. The hills works like a wall leaving areas on the east side sheltered from rain.
View Over south Phuket
Some moment and the view to south show blue sky over Phuket

So could be good to stay in Phi Phi for few days.

Another easy option is to move to Koh Samui where weather is much better at the moment and can fully enjoy holidays
Koh Nangyuan - Samui - Thailand
Weather in Samui in June - Koh Nang Yuan Island

How to get from Phuket to Samui,?

The faster way is flying, BangkokAirways as direct flights from Phuket to Samui our times a day

PG 252 leaving Phuket at  9:35 am and arrives in Samui at 10:30 am
PG 254 leaving Phuket at  1:00 pm and arrives in Samui at   1:55 pm
PG 256 leaving Phuket at  4:00 pm and arrives in Samui at   4:55 pm
PG 258 leaving Phuket at  7:10 pm and arrives in Samui at   8:05 pm

Or can go with the cheaper option with a bus and ferry from Phuket to Samui

Two times a day is possible to go from Phuket to Samui with Fast ferry. The bus or minivan will take you to Donsak pier (four to five hours ) then 45 minutes ferry to Samui

Can leave Phuket at 7:00 am and arrive in Samui at 1:15 pm
or from Phuket at 10:00 am and arrive in Samui at 4:45 pm

So always a way to enjoy holidays in Thailand

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Phuket Weather update from 23rd May till 5th June 2015

Finally it did rain, i know for those on holidays isn't a great news but believe me is a relieve from the heat and water reserves were very low.
Phuket island
Rain in Kathu

Despite rain we don't have wind and sea is almost flat making easy and possible to enjoy snorkeling at Racha Yai and snorkeling at Phi Phi Islands
Laem Singh Beach - Phuket
View over Laem Singh Beach on 25 May 2015

Now time for rafting and tubing in Kapong and for beautiful tours in Khao Sok National Park.

Bring a t shirt to change a dry bag and light rain coat, that all need to enjoy holidays in Phuket during Summer
Diego Bianchi
Always with my dry bag during summer

And here some more ideas on things to do in Phuket when it rains.

Like a nice evening tour in Old Phuket Town

Old Phuket Town
Clock tower in Phuket Town

Or learn more about Thai Food and Phuket life with an home style cooking class
Cooking class in Phuket
Home Style Thai Food

It is important to know that during Summer in Phuket it doesn't rain all day for few days and everywhere.

There are thunderstorms that locally can pour a lot of rain in a short time. So can rain at an hotel location and be sunny and fine all day at Phi Phi islands or other locations. As can be the opposite. in case of severe weather activities or tours are suspended but need first to get to the meeting points to have the correct picture about the weather situation. And some time take the "risk' of getting wet during the day.

Same is for the time could rain at Pick up time and then be good during the day or could be nice in the morning and then turn bad during the day

For these reason one of the tours we like to suggest during summer is the Phi Phi Premium that combines the comfortable transfers in premium class, where customers are always comfortable despite sea conditions, with fun speed boat ride to best sightseeing at Phi Phi Island

Tours to Phi Phi Islands
Premium Class salon

Or compare with weather in Phuket in June 2014

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Phuket Weather in April 2015 update from 16th to 30th

Second half of April is bringing us into Summer in Thailand, thunderstorms are now on a daily basis, specially at evening.
Karon Beach Phuket
Sunset at Karon Beach on 18 April 2015

Rain is good for life and necessary for all nature including us so look at it on a positive way, air temperature dropped a bit. A day like today with a thunderstorm in the evening means fresh air at night and good sleeping.

Tomorrow morning sun will shine so the holidays day will be great.
Phuket Island - Patong Bay
Patong Bay end of April 2015

Wind is changing direction and start blowing from South West, bringing more clouds and humidity to Phuket. So far a really normal season.

Look like this situation will be for at least all next week, so can enjoy lovely days out at sea and activities

Soon will be time again for surfing and rafting
Surfing at Kata Beach Phuket
Few more days before surfing season in Phuket

Here can compare how was weather in Phuket in April 2014 and then May 2014

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Phuket weather update to 15 April 2015

Time for a weather update as finally some rain arrived making air less hot and more pleasant sleeping at night.

Weather was very hot with temperatures during the close to 40 Celsius. Sometime strong wind was carrying fresh air.
Kamala Beach - Phuket Island
Kamala Beach in April 2015

Than around 10th April first few drops of rain, just ten to twenty minutes thunderstorms that left more humidity and hot behind.

We all were looking forward for Songkarn Day and really was on 12 first real storm with rain that lasted enough to cool down the weather

On 13th April again a thunderstorm during late afternoon to help splashing water for Songkran and to refill the water reserves. An again today a nice cool rain just after lunch time
Songkran Holidays - Thailand
Ready for Songkran Day

Seems this will be the pattern for next few days, must day that it is exactly how should be after the dry period between January and mid April rain is expected
pay respect to Buddah at Songkran Day
Songkran Day 2015

This doesn't affect all activities in Phuket and soon will be time to enjoy tubing in Kapong with more water in the river

Tubing in Phuket
Tubing at Kapong

For some forecast have a look these links

If like to know how is current weather just ask us, we are happy to reply you

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Songkran Day 13 April 2015

What is Songkran day?
The name comes from Sanskrit and in other regions around Asia is the new year day, in all these areas the main religion is Buddhism.
Among Thai people is simply the New Year celebration in Thailand and marks the passage from the hot and dry season to the more humid and rainy Summer. Until the end of 19th century was the official new year day. the Thailand uniformed to rest of the world moving to 1st January, despite this Thai People celebrate the New year on 13th April every Year.

It is most important celebration in Thailand and is public holidays from 13th to 15th April

It is a day to stay together with friends and Family, enjoy food and splash a lot of water each others and to others. The water will refresh people and wash away all bed from past year

Thai People will take all the Buddha out the house and revere them with gently perfumed shower , then start the day, when  visit someone house will be a polite gesture to pour water and flowers on the Buddah of the house

Songkran Day - Thailand New Year
Songkarn day - Thailand
Songkran Day - Thailand New Year
Songkran celebration

When is Songkran in Phuket ?
SongKran is from 13th to 15th April and in some areas even longer, In Phuket Celebration is only on the 13th April, when everyone gather along streets and start splashing from morning to sunset
Thailand New Year Day - Songkran
Easy Day Thailand Team, ready for action

Why is Songkran so special?
Thailand has strong traditions dating back in history and Songkran is considered one of most important day in the year and marks the important passage from dry season to rain.
Thailand New Year Day - Songkran
Splashing time

Being Agriculture a very important part of Thailand life the Songkran Day keeps its importance in people life and is a day for everyone o relax and have fun. It is common to see people splashing Police officers and from them reply with a smile and bit of water too.
Thailand New Year Day - Songkran Day
Songkran 13 April

Some important things to keep in mind during Songkran celebration:

By tradition the water splashing is between sunrise and sunset.
When dark people will dress then normally and do not except that tourists splash water all night just thinking is fun. To avoid confontrations and problem, just follow the tradition and behave.

It is not allow drink alcohol along the streets and public areas designated for water play, don't complain then if Police come and pick up those that though was just a big pool party.

Dress properly as requested by Thai habits. Songkran isn't world biggest wet shirt competition.

Everyone like drive around and stop at the spots where people splash each other, driver very carefully. Sometime ice is add to water and splashed on riders face...most of times is fun..sometime accidents happen.

Drink and drive is a criminal offense also at Songkran Day.

How to fully enjoy Songkran Day

Find a place where gather with your friends enjoy a BBQ and some beers, play fairly with those like to play splashing each other, don't drive around to avoid accidents.

When sun goes down put all "weapons" away, relax and have a good night sleep, next day is a new year
Phuket - Thailand
Sunset at Kamla Beach 

Phuket weather update:

A quick about to let everyone know that weather is fantastic and very hot and seems that will stay like this for all next week, making Songkran perfect.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Phuket Weather in March 2015

About weather in Phuket in March there is not much to say. It Was easy, sun shine, blue sky and very hot. Special second part of march saw temperature raising.

For couple of days was windy making more pleasant stay in the sun, otherwise need to be careful between 12:00 and 16:00 hrs when air temperature is at the top, around 36 Celsius.
Patong Beach -Phuket
Sunset at Patong Beach on 23 March 2015

Few drops of rain didn't help to cool down and now water reserves are at the minimum.

This weather will take us into April when Thailand Summer is very dry and hot, only after Songkran day we should see some serious storm and real rain.
Songkran Day - Thailand
Refresh at Songkran day - Thailand new Year water day

Can compare with weather in Phuket in march 2014

Our suggestion for best things to do in Phuket in March are the early bird tours, these tours leave in the morning with a triple benefit, see the sunrise and enjoy the fresh air in the morning and enjoy best spots before crowd arrives

Sunrise tour at Racha yai island
Bangulaow Bay at Racha yai island at sunrise

We offer the following early birds:

Phi Phi island Early bird tour

Private Island Tour at Sun Rise

With the private island tour early morning will also have the opportunity to see real Phuket life style, people at tropics like to stay sheltered from the Sun during the day so most of life activities are in the morning and then late afternoon till night.


During March and April short rain falls and storms are normal, when driving a motorbike in Phuket it is better stop and wait for the rain to stop. Just few minutes. This is because roads become very slippery. The rain isn't enough to wash out dust, dirt, oil and salt that covers the road surface and the mixture makes roads like iced.

On holidays take it easy drive slowly, wear your helmet and take it easy

Friday, February 20, 2015

Phuket Weather February 2015

Weather in February is as expected, clear blue sky. The wind sometime has been bit stronger than normal making air temperature very pleasant.
Phuket Weather in February
Bungalow Bay on Valentine day 2015 - Racha Yai Island

Same as the sea that seems to be a bit cooler than usual.

Overall very good, just around Chinese new year (18 to 20 February) a tin line of clouds covered the sun and on 18 night few drops of rain made the night sleep great.

This will be the year of the goat in Chinese Lunar calendar 

Spirit house in Thailand
The spirti house ready for Chinese New Year
From today all back to normal a strong wind in the morning cleared teh sky and now is a beautiful day.
Phuket weather in February
Loch Palm Golf in Kathu - 20 Feb 2015

Forecasts say that all rest of the month will be "boring' with no rain or wind.

Time to enjoy sea and sightseeing to islands such as Racha Yai, see pictures here below
Raya Yai Island - Thailand
Patok Bay early morning 15 feb 2015 - Racha Yai island

 Not so good for rafting and tubing as the rivers are very low and dry

 We will back in March with Phuket weather updates