Saturday, July 17, 2010

Adriano Trapani - Phuket Paparazzi

Adriano Trapani - Phuket Paparazzi
Adriano Trapani

Adriano Trapani is Phukets one and only Paparazzo. Adriano is a professional underwater photographer and diving instructor, who has been published in dive magazines around the globe.

Adriano is sharing his photo passion, his local marine knowledge and expertise with his 2-4 day Underwater Photography Courses.
You not only can find the "Underwater Paparazzi" snapping away at the local Phuket marine life, he is also shooting Phuket islands' first mermaids and mermen in his new venture Underwater Fashion.

Adriano is now also running land based Photography Courses!! Armed with his Canon SLR, Adriano will take you to some of the best photographic hot spots on Phuket and give you tips and tricks on taking and editing your pictures. Allowing you, to take back stunning photographs to show your friends and family at home.

Like to get the best Shots of Phuket? Join Adriano's Photo Tours

More about Adriano himself here: Phuket Paparazzi

More about his work and projects you find on Adrianos blog.

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