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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Phuket Wake Park

Phuket Wake Park is located in the center of the Phuket Island, in the beautiful district of Kathu, which is very close to Patong and Kamala. In fact, it is only 20 minutes or so from most of the main tourist resorts on the island. Also it is very conveniently located to Phuket international airport, which is only 30 minute away depending on traffic.

Phuket Wake is a very special place where the whole family can come and enjoy all the facilities here. We are open from 6.30am in the morning, for those early risers, and we stay open throughout the day, no sleeping for us, until 10.30pm, every day throughout the year. Even if it is raining, we stay open, well you will only get wet anyhow, so what!

Just recently the park has installed 11 new obstacles and they are all for your complete enjoyment and safety. The park has installed a new wakeboard 6 Sesitec cable, as well as winch Sesitec 2.0 System as too.

We have several professional instructors on staff and they are ready and waiting to help you and teach you the best techniques available. We help beginners learn how to wakeboard absolutely free too and before you know it, you will waking like a professional yourself, and also we can coach the more advanced riders to gain new tricks.

For a full list of prices please contact us as there may be some special offers on.

We can provide a shuttle service from wherever you are staying on the island, whether just around the corner in Patong or if you are just arriving from the airport or even if you are staying down in the south of the island, in Rawai or Chalong, then just let us know and we will sort it for you.

Equipment rental is available for everyone, so don’t worry if you cannot fit your wakeboard on the airplane or if the airline tries to charge you an arm and a leg to bring it, then leave it at home. Our rates are very reasonable here at the park. We have at our disposal complete and full sets of equipment (wakeboards, life vests, helmets) for both beginners and for advanced riders alike.
Please contact us again for any other enquiries including prices for rental of equipment Night riding:

Yes, that’s correct in the evening (from 18-30 till 22-00) the whole park is illuminated by powerful 45 lights, which gives amazing visibility and adds an air of excitement to the whole affair and ensures the complete safety of night riding.

On site, we also have our very own Wake-float shop which has a huge selection of all the latest wake boarding equipment and apparel you might even find some great little souvenirs for home here too.  Also on site we have a shooting range, where you can find all your favourite weapons and shoot away till your heart is content.

The Shooting Range

The shooting range is fully insured, and you will be given a full safety briefing and we will teach you how to hold and how to fire the weapon of your choice easily and safely. On staff, we several weapon instructors who have been trained in the art of fire arms technology, so you can be sure to have the most exciting experience possible

Also we have an excellent massage shop, where after a hard days shooting and wake boarding you can find some peace and quiet and enjoy a relaxing massage for your feet, your head or your entire body, sit back relax and let us take care of you.

On site also, we have Phuket Wake Park Hotel which offers accommodation in 26 fine rooms all have air-con available. More information about accommodation and prices Wakeboard shop please contact us and we will get back to you very quickly.

Phuket Wake Park come and enjoy yourself and let your hair down we are here waiting to serve you and we will make sure that your time with us is well spent and highly enjoyable.