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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Phuket Bike Week 2014

Phuket Bike Week 2014, combines pure power and style with the gentle Thai culture; bringing together from all over South East Asia, some of the best motorbikes available today.

There are some machines here this week, if you are a motorbike lover, it’s the perfect atmosphere of mega machines, oil and beer, and of course some very interesting hair designs all down on Patong Beach.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the event being staged on Phuket, which might come as a surprise to some, each year since its inception it has become more and more popular with bikes coming from as far as the states.

The Bike Week will run for more than a week, attracting visitors to the island from all over Asia as well as the rest of the world. Every year the amount of visitors has grown and this year they expecting even more folk to flow onto the island.

Patong is well known for its night life restaurant and bars and nite-clubs. as well as for its great beach and world class shopping.

Part of the Phuket Bike Week, is the Rock Stars Life and Music artists of Thailand and will join the festival on the beach between the 8/10 of April. A 3 day event at the Loma Park Patong; will bring us some of the best music out today and from the past to.  

In addition to the concerts of famous artists in Thailand, we have a variety of shows to watch, such as acrobatic performances from Palazzo Phuket and performances from original Cowboys and Indians. Also there will be souvenirs on sale for bikers and non-bikers alike. Everyone is welcome, as Thailand embraces all travelers and anyone with a love of Motorbikes are especially welcome this week.

Of course, what would a Bike Week be without a Miss Phuket Bike Week Competition and this year is no exception. Every year as with any tradition Phuket Bike Week Beauty Competition will be fiercely fought out by girls from all over the country and beyond. The competition takes place at the Andaman Embrace on the 8th April.

Also this week, there will be a competition of the strangest looking motorcycles in Thailand; this is always fascinating site to see. There will be many beautiful bikes on show this week, with bikes like Harley-Davidson custom bikes, Japanese Bikes, old Classic, like Norton and BSA, and of course Sports Bikes will be represented.

It’s not all about the bikes either, there will be a lot of charity work going on, with a mass planting of local trees planned all to help combat global warming. There will be a huge show from the Thai navy 3rd fleet. There will also be bikes on show that are owned by Thai superstars like Carabao the rock star.

Rock concerts will be held throughout the week, as well as Thai folk music, there will masses of food stalls and beer tents. The whole week is one of the most exciting dates on the Phuket social scene do not miss out, it is truly a great spectacle

For a complete list of all the activities during Phuket Bike Week see the schedule below

The events as follows:-

Friday April 11, Patong:
1 pm: Motorbike show featuring some of Asia’s most beautiful and strangest bikes.
4 pm: Custom bike competition.
6 pm: Local culture show.
7 pm: Miss Phuket Bike Week Round 1.
8 pm: Official welcoming ceremony.
9 pm: Midnight: Rock concert and beach party.

Saturday April 12, Patong
1 pm: Motorbike show festival.
2 pm: Mass ride and tree planting to combat global climate change.
5 pm: Convoy around Patong.
6 pm: Show by Royal Thai Navy 3rd Fleet.
7 pm: Official opening of Bike Week.
8 pm: Rock Concert.
10 pm: Miss Phuket Bike Week contest Round 2.
11 pm: midnight: Rock Concert and beach party.

Sunday April 13
1 pm: motorbike show including bikes of Thai superstars.
2 pm: Songkran on the beach party.
7 pm: Cowboy and Indian show.
8 pmt: Rock concert and beach party.

Monday April 14
1 pm: Motorbike and American car show.
7 pm: Tattoo competition.
8 pm: Midnight: Rock concert and beach party.
April 15-17 – No events planned so far.

Friday April 18 in Saphan Hin- Phuket Town
1 pm: Motorbike show and souvenir market.
2pm: Safe riding training.
6pm: Thai Folk Art Show.
8pmt: Rock concert and beach party.

Saturday April 19 at Saphan Hin
1 pm: Motorbike show and bike stunt show.
3 pm: Convoy around Phuket.
5 pm: Motorbike contest, final round.
7 pm: Thai Folk Art show.
9 pm: Fashion show and finals of Miss Phuket Bike Week 2014
10 pm: Rock concert featuring Carabao.