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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Krabi Multi-adventure Day Trip from Phuket

We recently added this new and original tour program to our selection and the feedback from the first customers was really good, so as we always do I had to try it first hand in order to fully understand how it works so I can give better explanations to those interested in it, especially for this tour which is very different from the usual ones available from Phuket.

Pick up at Easy Day's office in Kathu was on time at 7:45 as planned, then in the van I greeted the few other guests met the guide Som. We already knew each other since she was also guiding
the Kapong RiverTubing Safari Tour when I did it last year, so I already knew that me and my fellow travellers were in very good hands for the day. Regardless of the beauty of the sites you visit, a great tour guide's skills, knowledge and attention can really make the difference.

The drive to Wat Bang Rieng which is located north of Phang Nga Town on the mainland takes about 2 hours, so instead of going straight there we had a first stop about half way at a kind of zoo/sanctuary located not far past the Sarasin Bridge. The guide explained that this is a place where they keep and give care to the animals that are seized from the illegal poachers that abused them for profit purposes, as well as other animals that got injured and need to be treated before being released in the wild. There were large cages hosting different primates like slow lorises, gibbons and macaques as well as birds, felines and others. The place looked very clean and the animals looked healthy and well looked after. This has been a good place to spend half an hour stretching our legs before proceeding with the trip towards Phang Nga.

Back in the minivan for another hour or so, we finally arrived at one of the highlights of the day, Wat Bang Rieng. This is probably my favorite temple in Thailand, at least among the ones I've seen so far. There's something magical about the place, the complex is made of a main pagoda and two huge statues, one is of a golden seated Buddha while the other is a less common statue of Kwan Yin, (Chinese Goddess of Mercy and Compassion). The parts are stretched across different hills/mountains, the views from the top are simply breathtaking and there's a unique mix of culture and nature. The interior of the main pagoda is also very particular featuring warrior-shaped pillars, frescoes and a relic of the Buddha. This is also one of the few places where with a bit of luck can spot the Giant Black Squirrel, we actually managed to find one but it was sleeping on a shaded and high branch so I couldn't take a decent picture. On the other hand, while walking back to the parking lot we stumbled on a “normal” brown squirrel that was happily eating a papaya which was bigger than the squirrel itself, quite a funny sight I must say.

The next stop was at at the area called Bor Thor, characterised by the tidal channels surrounded by mangrove forest and karsts, part of the Tan Bok Korani National Park, which is where the kayaking part of this day trip takes place. The area is at the northern edge of Phang Nga Bay, on previous tours I explored and kayaked around the huge bay a lot but always on the western and southern part, so this was a completely new experience for me. Now I can say that this less known area is every bit as good as the more popular parts of Phang Nga Bay, it even has some unique peculiarities. The starting point of the kayaking tour is the floating restaurant where the lunch was served later on, before departing for the adventure we were given the opportunity to choose between self-paddling or having a professional paddler, I'm a bit out of shape so I thought that I needed a bit of exercise, therefore I opted for the first option. The canoe tour lasted about 90 minutes altogether, back and forth through a first larger and then a narrower mangrove channel, and a middle part where we parked the kayaks for a while to explore a huge cave. The mangrove part of the tour was very nice, completely immersed in the natural environment of a thick mangrove forest with the impressive karst cliffs all around, we even paddled through some narrow openings in the rock all the way inside a “hong”, and later through a larger and longer cave (Tham Lod) full of stalactites. Then the cave exploration by walk was really amazing, not only because the cave is huge and full of stalactites and stalagmites, but mainly because this cave called Tham Pee Hua To (“cave of the big head ghost”) hosts some very interesting prehistoric paintings probably made by people who found shelter there from the heavy rains in ancient times. There's even a large boulder that resembles a skull, probably that's where the cave's nae comes from.

The set lunch was ready shortly after we returned to the restaurant, as usual there was a selection of 4-5 Thai dishes with plenty to eat for everyone. On the day's set menu was the popular Tom Yum Seafood, a vegetarian dish, Chicken with Cashew Nuts and fried fish, everything was tasty and still warm. The restaurant is pretty big and floating on the mangrove channel so the scenery is quite nice, while there we crossed paths with a large group of Chinese tourists but only for a moment, while for the rest of the time both during lunch and kayaking we were almost alone. Looks like the tour schedule is well planned to run a bit off time and avoid the larger crowds.

Back on the van, we stopped at an Elephant Camp just about 10 minutes away from the restaurant I already did this activity several times in different parts of Thailand and must say that this wasn't the most impressive one. The trek mainly takes place through a palm oil plantation (it's the main industry in the area) and just a little bit through the jungle. On the other hand the elephants seemed healthy and well treated by the staff, which is an important point. This is an optional activity in this Day Trip and in the overall it can still a good experience for someone who's never tried Elephant Trekking, while those who already experienced it in the jungle or in more natural an genuine environment could probably skip it without regrets.

Some 5 minutes away from the Elephant Camp we had our last stop of the day, last but not least since it was no less amazing than what we had done so far. Than Bok Korani Waterfall is part of the same national park that covers some of the islands in Krabi as well as the mangroves and caves that we visited earlier in the day. I had been to this place by myself last year during the rainy season and it was totally flooded by brown water due to the heavy rains, now that I returned at the right time of the year can say that the place is really beautiful.

The waterfall is not a vertical one so do not expect something impressive in that sense, but more because it's a river coming from inside a cave that splits into an endless number of waterfalls and streams creating an environment that looks as it came out of a fairy tale. The stepping grounds create a lot of little falls and pools where is possible to swim, the water has a nice turquoise color due to the deposit of diluted calcite from the surrounding mountains and it was surprisingly warm. I couldn't think of anything better than a bath in this waterfall to relax at the end of a exciting day like this, it was really pleasant to relax there for nearly an hour. Aside from the waterfall itself, the area is very interesting also because of the large variety of plants and the story behind them, since many of them were planted personally by the Royal Family.

After about one hour chilling out at the waterfall it was time to go back to Phuket. We left Krabi around 17:30 and I was back at our office in Kathu by 19:30 or so, a bit tired but definitely happy at the end of a wonderful day surrounded by the nature.

I can't find much negative points about this tour aside from the length, which means I would highly recommend it to anyone except for those who prefer to avoid long full day trips. Most definitely a must do tour during the dry season (December to April), while I wouldn't recommend it much during the rainy season or at least in the days after heavy rains as in that case the waterfall would have a completely different “face” being flooded by brown water.

This tour can also be a good solution to “hit two birds with one stone” for those who must move from a hotel in Phuket to a new one in Krabi area, since a drop off at Krabi hotels can be arranged with a fair surcharge.  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Phuket Wake Park

Phuket Wake Park is located in the center of the Phuket Island, in the beautiful district of Kathu, which is very close to Patong and Kamala. In fact, it is only 20 minutes or so from most of the main tourist resorts on the island. Also it is very conveniently located to Phuket international airport, which is only 30 minute away depending on traffic.

Phuket Wake is a very special place where the whole family can come and enjoy all the facilities here. We are open from 6.30am in the morning, for those early risers, and we stay open throughout the day, no sleeping for us, until 10.30pm, every day throughout the year. Even if it is raining, we stay open, well you will only get wet anyhow, so what!

Just recently the park has installed 11 new obstacles and they are all for your complete enjoyment and safety. The park has installed a new wakeboard 6 Sesitec cable, as well as winch Sesitec 2.0 System as too.

We have several professional instructors on staff and they are ready and waiting to help you and teach you the best techniques available. We help beginners learn how to wakeboard absolutely free too and before you know it, you will waking like a professional yourself, and also we can coach the more advanced riders to gain new tricks.

For a full list of prices please contact us as there may be some special offers on.

We can provide a shuttle service from wherever you are staying on the island, whether just around the corner in Patong or if you are just arriving from the airport or even if you are staying down in the south of the island, in Rawai or Chalong, then just let us know and we will sort it for you.

Equipment rental is available for everyone, so don’t worry if you cannot fit your wakeboard on the airplane or if the airline tries to charge you an arm and a leg to bring it, then leave it at home. Our rates are very reasonable here at the park. We have at our disposal complete and full sets of equipment (wakeboards, life vests, helmets) for both beginners and for advanced riders alike.
Please contact us again for any other enquiries including prices for rental of equipment Night riding:

Yes, that’s correct in the evening (from 18-30 till 22-00) the whole park is illuminated by powerful 45 lights, which gives amazing visibility and adds an air of excitement to the whole affair and ensures the complete safety of night riding.

On site, we also have our very own Wake-float shop which has a huge selection of all the latest wake boarding equipment and apparel you might even find some great little souvenirs for home here too.  Also on site we have a shooting range, where you can find all your favourite weapons and shoot away till your heart is content.

The Shooting Range

The shooting range is fully insured, and you will be given a full safety briefing and we will teach you how to hold and how to fire the weapon of your choice easily and safely. On staff, we several weapon instructors who have been trained in the art of fire arms technology, so you can be sure to have the most exciting experience possible

Also we have an excellent massage shop, where after a hard days shooting and wake boarding you can find some peace and quiet and enjoy a relaxing massage for your feet, your head or your entire body, sit back relax and let us take care of you.

On site also, we have Phuket Wake Park Hotel which offers accommodation in 26 fine rooms all have air-con available. More information about accommodation and prices Wakeboard shop please contact us and we will get back to you very quickly.

Phuket Wake Park come and enjoy yourself and let your hair down we are here waiting to serve you and we will make sure that your time with us is well spent and highly enjoyable. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Multi Adventure Safari

As it turned out I didn't book the best day for this tour as it started raining heavily during the night, however it had stopped raining, at least temporarily, when I was picked up and taken to the Island Safari Camp.

After waiting for a few minutes for the other guests to arrive the days activities started, the first activity was an Ox-cart ride, sitting in a well built all wood cart (including the wheels – no tyres) which is attached by a double yoke to two oxen we slowly ambled around a dirt track circling a rice paddy, part way round you stop for a photo opportunity, after a few minutes we
had completed the circuit and dismounted and headed to the next set of activities on a platform on the edge of the rice paddy. Here we had an opportunity sit astride a beautifully groomed Buffalo (another photo opportunity). After everyone who wanted to had had their turn on the buffalo we were treated to a short lecture and demonstration of traditional rice farming techniques.

The next thing was something I was looking forward to, a Thai cooking demonstration, well not really cooking but preparation. Our guide showed us how to make Somtam (papaya salad), though in deference to the western palates of the other guests she only put 2 chillies into it, even so many people said it was very spicy when we got to try it.

From here we made our way to the rubber tapping and processing demonstration, sadly as it had been raining it was not possible to collect the rubber, apparently the sap contains too much water if you tap it straight after rain, but we were shown how it is tapped and and processed to make large thin sheets of latex rubber which is then used in many products, they have examples of many of these, especially those that come in packs of three.

Then it was on to the elephant ride, at the starting station you can buy bags of bananas for the elephants, then you head of on a track around the Safari camp whilst your elephant keeps putting back it's trunk to get a banana from you, during the ride the photographer will get you to pose for a number of photos and you have more chances to buy bananas for your mount, the ride lasts about 20 minutes.

Off your elephant and on to the elephant show, at the
time of my visit there were two young elephants (10 & 12 years old) in the show, the show was made up of simple tricks such as standing on two legs and walking on three legs and playing football and basketball and throwing darts. The finale was the elephant massage, where everyone was given the chance to get a massage (and a kiss) from one of the young elephants.

The next stop was the Monkey show where where the short tailed macaque monkey “Johnny” demonstrated the different steps of training monkeys go through to learn to harvest coconuts and then demonstrated his basketball skills, a slam dunk any NBA professional would be proud of.

Then on to the Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) demonstration, or performance may be a better word. A boxing bout was performed at slow speed to make sure everyone could see the moves and then members of the tour group were invited to practice some of the skills with the boxers.

Demonstrations finished it was on to the fish foot spa where after having your feet washed you sit on the edge of a fish tank with your feet in the water, after a few moment the fish start to tickle your feet, they are actually eating your dead skin. They didn't manage to make much of a difference to my calloused feet but it was pleasant, I thought they might hurt when they started cleaning around my partially grown back nail but it didn't. During the foot spa treatment the photographer came round with the photos he had taken during the day, you can buy these as a reminder of the day.

The last activity for the day was the canoeing along the moo dong river, to get there we mounted pick up trucks with seats in the back and headed of on a ten minute drive to a small jetty on the edge of the river. As there was quite a current running it was decided that those that wanted to canoe should take the canoes down the river towards Chalong bay and then transfer to the longtail boat for the journey back to the jetty, for those whose preferred comfort the whole ride was done on the longtail boat. During the gentle drift along the river we saw the mangroves lining the river and passed a couple of fish farms which are also inhabited by a troop of long-tail macaque monkeys, after this pleasant little cruise along the river it was back into the trucks and back to the Safari camp for a delicious Thai lunch.
The lunch included a range of classic Thai dishes – green curry, chicken with cashew nuts, sticky rice with fried pork and somtam.

After our bellies were full it was time for everyone to board the mini-vans and head back to their hotels.

The Multi-Adventure Safari is a fun, interesting and entertaining morning or afternoon, a brief insight into Thai life and culture.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Phuket Weather 8 June 2013

Another awesome sunny and dry day. Forecasts provided by wind guru website, which are usually quite accurate, are saying that from tomorrow afternoon the wind intensity will increase and on Monday is expected to reach peaks of 20-25 knots and to have waves up to 3 meters. 
Probably not the best day to go out on a speedboat tour to Phi Phi or Racha Yai, better to stay on the safe side using a bigger and stable boat like Royal Jet Cruiser 9.

The conditions might slightly change between now and Monday however as we can see from the flags in the picture below today the wind already picked up a bit.

Go-Kart track in Kathu
The picture was taken at one of the two Go-Kart tracks located in Kathu near our office. In the past few years this area has developed hosting many of the most interesting Phuket Activities. You should probably consider enjoying such land-based activities on those days when the sea is expected to be very rough.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

phuket weather 21 May 2013

Got Ready to go for early morning Walk but the rain started, take it easy enjoy breakfast and wait as sun could come out any time.

Can see how much rain in few minutes came down, refreshing the air.

What you see is the typical Spirit House that almost every one has in the garden

Wind get stronger every day, normal for the season. This makes possible to have sun shine alternate to heavy rain few times a day

So if you changed mind after breakfast still a lot to do in the afternoon, such as enjoy Phang Nga Bay.

The best is Hong Island with a Private Phuket canoeing Tour by Easy Day Thailand. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Day Trip to Koh Tachai Island - Inspection in March 2013

Koh Tachai Island was closed up to two years ago and now the Similan Islands National Park have opened it for Snorkeling Tours.
Koh Tacha Island - Thailand
Koh Tachai - Similan Is National Park

For many years we have dived around this island so we knew that nature and marine life here are beautiful, we have seen here many times Manta and Whale Sharks. The Island stands alone between Simlan Islands National Park and Surin Islands National Park, nothing either than the Indian Ocean to West and to East is Thailand mainland.
Koh Tacha Island - Thailand
Koh Tachai The beach

Now was time to finally step on it and discover how beautiful the place is, we booked a day trip with our selected operator and got ready at 8:00 am for pick up that was actually five minutes earlier, we were the first. We were staying at Khao Lak Country Side, that is close to the beach despite the name. Then went around the different hotels to collect other customers, last pick up was at Jw Marriot Khao Lak around 8:40 am on the way North to Ban Nam Kem where the boat was departing from (at the end of season boats normally depart south of Khao Lak from Tab Lamu).
Day tour to Koh Tachai Island
Speed Boat inside

There was a nice welcome with coffee, tea and water while we waited for every one else to arrive and then a simple briefing about the schedule during the day and rules to follow on the boat and at the Island. We followed our guide down the road to the beach where boat was waiting for us. Took our places on board and the other staff were introduced,the three four strokes engines were started and soon we were sailing full speed to Koh Tachai.
Day tour to Koh Tachai Island

The Island is about 30 miles off shore, the sea was flat as normal in mid March so it was easy to get there in about one hour and 20 minutes. Amazing colors, getting close to Tachai Island the sea went from dark Blue to emerald and then almost white as the water there is so clear that you only see the white sand bottom.

A quick stop at the beach to unload food, beverages and staff, those who like to enjoy more the beach the refreshing trees and snorkeling from the shore got off the boat.
Day tour to Koh Tachai Island by speed boat
Koh Tachai Rest area

Those remaining, about 15 people of the 30 on board, stayed on the boat and in 10 minutes we were snorkeling on the reef. It is strictly forbidden to feed the fish so you won't just see the small fishes coming close to you for some bread but the real reef life. The white sand bottom and clear water makes it very easy to see colors and fishes, guides are in the water to be sure that those not confident at swimming don't get caught in the current.
Snorkling at  Koh Tachai Island
Koh Tachai north reef

We suggest to bring your fins, it will make it easier to get back to the boat and more fun exploring a bigger area and getting close to the drop off. Koh Tachai is exposed to tidal currents so when water level changes current can be strong and it is recommended to stay close to the boat and the guides.
One hour snorkeling is good to make people hungry so we went back to the beach and near the Rangers base the staff did a great job preparing a lot of food, with BBQ sea food, shrimps, noodles, veggies and lot more.
Koh Tachai Day trip
Lunch time at Koh Tachai
Koh Tachai Day trip
Lunch time
Koh Tachai Day trip
Home made Thai sweets
Koh Tachai Day trip
Thai sweets to refresh

Relax and if you like enjoy one hour exploration of Tachai Rain Forest where can see birds and the big "chicken" Crabs, so called because of the sound they make.
Koh Tachai Thailand
Koh Tachai Rain Forest

I preferred to swim and enjoy more snorkeling and walk on the beach made of incredibly fine white sand. Between the parked boats you can sometimes see baby reef sharks that come close to shore to hunt small fishes and crabs.
Koh Tachai Thailand
Koh Tachai the beach
Koh Tachai Thailand
Speed boat to Koh Tachai moored at the beach

Around 15:00 staff pack all their equipment, collect all rubbish and call everyone to get on board, ready for the trip back to the hotel, on board more water and soft drinks are available. We were at our hotel around 17:30.
day trip to Koh Tachai Thailand
Three engines speed boat to Koh Tachai

Best time to visit is between January and mid April when sea and weather conditions are at their best. Bring your towel, fins, and a lot of sunscreen, best is a sunscreen vest, a hat and some money to tip crew and guides that do a great job everyday. Toilets and showers, well kept and clean, are available on the Island that has a fresh water reserve.

You can enjoy this day tour from Phuket or Khao Lak

day trip to Koh Tachai Thailand
Malila was in Koh Tachai

More on tours in Thailand at

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Full Day Krabi Kayaking Trip

Mangrove Kayaking
This kayaking tour will take you off the beaten track to the unspoilt part of Thambok Koranee National Park - Krabi Province. Here you will enjoy 3 hours Kayaking through the fascinating mangrove channels and  limestone caves, where you also have the opportunity to spot some of the interesting local wildlife. You will also spend some time at the beautiful waterfall in the National Park where you can have a cooling swim, while later you will pay a visit to one of the most interesting and unique temples in the province, "Wat Bang Rieng".

Hidden Limestone Bay
Cave Kayaking


Thambok Koranee Waterfall

  • 7:00-7:45 Pick up at your Phuket Hotel and drive north towards Krabi Province.
  • 9:30-9:45 Coffee break at the restaurant
  • 10:00 Approximately 3 hours Kayaking through the mangroves and lagoon, then the caves of "Tham Lod" and "Tham Pi Hua To". You can choose to paddle yourself or let the friendly trained paddlers provided do it for you.
  • 13:00 Back to start point and enjoy a tasty Set Menu Lunch at the scenic raft restaurant.
  • 14:00 Move to the beautiful waterfalls, just 10 minutes away in Thambok Koranee National Park.
    Spend one hour playing and relaxing at the waterfalls.
  • 15:00 Move to the spectacular Temple "Wat Bang Rieng" (a.k.a. Patronage Temple) where you can take great pictures and with a bit of luck can also spot the local "giant black squirrel".
  • 16:30 Head back to Phuket.
  • 18:00-18:30 Arrive back at your hotel.

Wat Bang Rieng
Price: Adult 3,000 THB per person - Child (4-11 yrs) 2,000 THB per person

Included: round trip Phuket hotel transfer (hotels in remote areas may require surcharge), Thai Set Menu Lunch (vegetarian on request), refreshments, National Park and Temple admission fees, English speaking guide, Kayaking gear and waterproof bags, tax and insurance.

What to bring: swim wear, sunglasses, sun screen, camera, spare dry clothes.

Wat Bang Rieng

NOTES: the order of the stops may vary depending on daily tidal situation in order to provide the nicest experience to the guests. This program is not recommended to children below 3 years of age.
Transfers from Krabi/Ao Nang hotels are possible, must check case by case.

Wat Bang Rieng

More on tours in Thailand at

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Una giornata a Kapong - Natura e divertimento con il tubing sul fiume

Dopo che diversi amici mi hanno raccomandato quest'escursione dicendo di essersi divertiti molto ho deciso di provarla anch'io.

Il pulmino e' venuto a prendermi perfettamente in orario alle 7:30. Dopo esssere stato accolto dal sorridente autista di cui non ricordo il nome e dall'amichevole guida Som ci siamo fermati in un albergo a prendere gli altri partecipanti all'escursione: una grossa famiglia di 15 iraniani che col passare della giornata si sono rivelati molto simpatici ed amichevoli. Per fare in modo che tutti quanti fossero comodi il gruppo e' stato diviso tra due pulmini, poco dopo abbiamo caricato anche il mio amico Adriano e finalmente cominciato il viaggo verso nord.

Nel lato nord di Phuket, ma soprattutto dopo aver attraversato il Ponte Sarasin che collega l'isola alla terraferma, i panorami fuori dal finestrino cambiano drasticamente mostrando sempre meno palazzi e cemento ma sempre piu' piantagioni, giungla e piccole case locali. Si puo' dare uno sguardo alla vera Thailandia lontano dal cuore del turismo, per questo motivo il viaggio poco piu' lungo di un'ora non e' stato per niente noioso. 

Arrivati in zona Khao Lak ci siamo fermati per la prima attivita' della giornata, il Trekking in Elefante. Avevo gia fatto trekking in elefante un paio di volte in passato per cui questa volta temevo di annoiarmi, invece con sorpresa mi sono divertito piu' delle volte precedenti. Anziche' restare all'interno di un campo safari gli elefanti ci hanno portato su per una collina ricoperta dalla giungla e alcune parti del sentiero sono molto ripide ed emozionanti, ho potuto rendermi davvero conto di quanto siano possenti questi splendidi e curiosi animali. Proseguendo lentamente sul dorso dell'elefante abbiamo anche avuto l'opportunita' di osservare alcuni operai al lavoro nella piantagione di gomma circostante, interessante vedere come viene raccolta e lavorata la gomma naturale. 

Bungalows al Kapong Resort
Dopo un persorso di circa 30 minuti sul simpatico pachiderma siamo scesi e abbiamo fatto una breve sosta per riposarci bevendo qualcosa di fresco offertoci dalle guide, poco dopo siamo risaliti sul pulmino pronti a proseguire verso la prossima fermata. Dopo qualche minuto di strada siamo arrivati al Kapong Resort, dove viene servito il pranzo. Il luogo e' splendido, immerso nella natura, circondato da verdi risaie e da un vasto stagno ricoperto da colorate ninfee. Il pranzo Thai servito e' ottimo ed abbondante con l'opportunita' di gustare svariati piatti locali.

Dopo pranzo e qualche minuto di relax ci siamo finalmente spostati in pulmino verso il fiume che si e' rivelato essere il “piatto forte” della giornata. Dopo essere scesi dal pulmino abbiamo attraversato il fiume tramite uno stretto ponte di corda che ci ha portarto verso una capanna dove vengono dati a disposizione degli armadietti per custodire in sicurezza tutti gli oggetti personali che non vanno portati in acqua, quindi abbiamo tenuto soltanto il costume e, nel mio caso, una maglia di lycra per evitare di scottarmi col sole amplificato dal riverbero del fiume. Quando finalmente erano tutti pronti siamo saliti sul cassone di un pick up 4x4 e ci siamo goduti il divertente tragitto lungo una strada sterrata circondata dalla vegetazione. Al termine di questo breve tratto siamo scesi e abbiamo attraversato un altro ciondolante ma sicuro ponte di corda, camminato per alcuni minuti lungo un ombroso sentiero nella giungla lungo il fiume e abbiamo finalmente raggiunto una serie di piccole cascate tutte connesse tra loro e che terminano in una sorta di piccole piscine naturali. Un luogo davvero splendido avvolto da un'atmosfera tranquilla e magica, per un attimo ho immaginato che dei folletti o altre creature fiabesche potessero venir fuori improvvisamente da dietro gli alberi! 

La sempre sorridente e simpatica Som ci ha concesso un po' di tempo per un bagno, essendo una calda giornata di novembre al primo impatto l'acqua e' sembrata fredda ma in breve tempo il corpo si e' abituato e l'esperienza e' divenuta piacevole. In seguito siamo stati chiamati a raccolta in un piccolo chiosco appoggiato su un'ampia roccia per avere una dimostrazione di come viene preparato il tipico te' con il bamboo. 

Vivo in Thailandia da due anni ma non avevo mai avuto occasione di assistere a questo curioso e geniale metodo per bollire l'acqua nella giungla: una lunga (circa 50cm) e spessa (circa 15 cm) canna di bamboo viene appoggiata sulla brace incandescente abbastanza a lungo da far si' che anche la canna cominci lentamente a bruciare (senza fiamma) all'esterno come se fosse un enorme sigaro restando pero' intatta all'interno, una volta raggiunta la temperatura ideale il bamboo cavo viene rimosso dalla brace e riempito d'acqua che in pochi minuti va in ebollizione. A questo punto basta aggiungere la bustina del te', un po' di zucchero ed il gioco e' fatto! La Thailandia non smette mai di stupirmi... 

Partenza del Tubing
Finalmente giunta l'ora del “tubing”. Dopo esserci tutti quanti radunati nella piscina alla base delle cascate e aver fatto un breve briefing dando qualche consiglio per la discesa I ragazzi dello staff hanno preparato le ciambelle e aiutato le persone a sedervisi all'interno. Una volta pronti, uno ad uno abbiamo iniziato a scendere dalle prime rapide a bordo delle nostre camere d'aria. Lo staff era pronto ad assistere per l'intera discesa piazzandosi lungo il fiume ed evitando che qualcuno rimanesse incastrato tra le rocce, in modo da garantire il massimo divertimento. C'erano tratti molto divertenti dove si prendeva piu' velocita' nelle rapide ed altri invece piu' lenti e rilassanti, divertentissimo cercare di andare a sbattere contro le ciambelle degli altri partecipanti come se fossimo sugli autoscontri al luna park, oppure lanciandoci l'acqua addosso. La discesa e' durata circa 30 minuti, o almeno credo, perche' quando ci si diverte e' facile perdere la cognizione del tempo. 

Chiamate un carro attrezzi!!!
Avevo quasi raggiunto la fine quando improvvisamente la mia ciambella e' andata a sbattere contro una foglia di palma secca e spinosa incastrata tra le rocce, cosi' nell'arco di pochi secondi...pssssssss....stavo affondando con la ciambella completamente sgonfia! Niente paura, l'acqua non e' per nulla profonda per cui mi sono semplicemente alzato in piedi ridendo a crepapelle, cosi' come il mio amico Adriano che mi ha subito sorpassato, ovviamente prendendomi in giro per il simpatico incidente. Prontamente una delle guide si e' avvicinata e mi ha passato la sua ciambella in modo che potessi terminare la discesa nonostante il simpatico inconveniente.

Il punto di arrivo si trova praticamente accanto al capanno con gli armadietti dove avevamo depositato I nostri oggetti, cosi' abbiamo avuto la possibilita' di fare subito una doccia e cambiarci con dei vestiti asciutti.

Dopo aver bevuto delle bibite fresche offerte dallo staff siamo tornati sul pulmino pronti per rientrare a Phuket. A quel punto ero molto stanco ma soddisfatto dell'intensa giornata cosi' come al solito mi sono addormentato, non posso farci niente, le macchine mi cullano.

Oltre al divertimento nel fare le varie attivita', cio' che mi ha reso felice e' stato il vedere che ci sono ancora dei luoghi vicino a Phuket che restano tutt'ora quasi sconosciuti al turismo, cosi' le persone hanno ancora l'opportunita' di vivere l'autentica Thailandia.

Un ringraziamento alle amichevoli e professionali guide che ci hanno intrattenuto, fornito moltissime informazioni riguardo alla natura e costumi locali e allo stesso termpo permesso di divertirci sempre in sicurezza. 

Consiglio questa escursione a tutti coloro che vogliono sperimentare la vera Thailandia e la sua splendida natura in modo avventuroso (nulla di estremo comunque), ed in particolar modo a gruppi di amici che viaggiano assieme. L'escursione e' anche perfettamente adatta a famiglie con bambini anche se non lo consiglierei per I bambini molto piccoli soprattutto durante il periodo delle piogge in cui il livello e la forza del fiume sono chiaramente piu' elevati. 


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