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Thai cooking class in Kathu- a la carte home style Thai food

Phuket Cooking Class with Easy Day Thailand. Don't miss it.

During a holiday in Thailand food plays an integral part. Food here is part of the culture, when you enter someone's house the first question is always "Have you already eaten" or "Gin khao laew yang?".

People like to spend time together and eat either at home or at restaurants. Meals are often consumed seated on a floor mat, not at table. Food is shared, steamed rice is served on each one plate and everyone picks the food they like from the central bowls so all diners can enjoy different tastes. Thai people use spoon and fork to eat, no knife and chopsticks only for noodles.

Lunch or dinner normally includes three dishes which will include a combination of fish, vegetable, pork, chicken or eggs, a soup and steamed rice. Chilli is very important although not all meals are spicy.
Thai Food
Delicious Thai food

Sitting at a restaurant or during one of our tours you will enjoy authentic Thai food. From sweet and sour to curry, spicy to light soups. Thai food is a blend of many different ingredients including spices, sauces, coconut milk, chilli and....the secret ingredients that every chef or cook keeps for themselves.

Now the question is how to put all the ingredients together? When to add what? How much of each ingredient, especially chilli?

This is where we come in, with our private cooking classes that specialize in delicious real home cooked food.  Learn to cook with real Thai's in a friendly and informal environment. Let us introduce you and your friends to the secrets of Thai cooking.

Private cooking class in Phuket
Fresh ingredients

We run the classes in our own homes, making you part of our family. This way you not only learn about cooking Thai food but also about the culture surrounding it. You will get a "taste" of real life Phuket.
Phuket private cookng classes home cooked Thai food
Thai cooking classes - ingredients

The cooking class can be done in the morning, then enjoy what you've cooked for lunch. Or you can do the class in the afternoon followed by dinner.

The private Phuket cooking class starts with shopping for the ingredients at the local fresh food market.  The fresh market is still central to Thai life despite the arrival in Thailand of supermarket chains and shopping with a English speaking Thai person at the market is an experience in itself, you will rarely see a Thai person happier than when they are at the market.

Thai cooking class - Kathu fresh market
Craig, Patricia, Charis and Robert
The variety of colors and smells will delight your senses. It can be a shock at first, totally different to a what you are used to but you will soon get used to it and discover that it is really enjoyable. Your "teachers" will be with you all time and happy to answer all of your questions, they speak English.

Thai cooking class - Kathu fresh market
shopping at fresh food market

They will teach you the names of everything plus we also provide cue cards with photos and names in Thai and English to help you identify each ingredient.

Private Thai food cooking classes - the Team
From lest - Chef Orn, Ann, Sri

Then the real cooking starts. Easy Day Thailand cooking classes are different to others in that the menu is not based on a set menu but "à la carte." You will learn how to cook only your favourite dishes. In one cooking class you should be able to learn all your favourite Thai dishes.
Private Thai food cooking classes
blend the spices

You will learn how to prepare the ingredients for each dish and how to subtly combine the various spices to produce delicious, flavourful meals.

Then enjoy a great home made lunch or dinner. Let us know your favourite local beer and enjoy it with your meal, it's included in the price.
Private Thai food cooking classes
Real cooking

Our Thai cooking classes are available every day with advanced booking. Class sizes are limited to four people however we cook enough food for six people so you can bring friends to enjoy your first attempt at real Thai cooking.

Private Thai food cooking classes - Men at work
Craig and Robert - preparation

After the class we will email you the recipes in pdf format so you will always have them and can share them with friends.

Private Thai food cooking classes - the meal
Phuket home stay

The morning class starts with pick up at your hotel at 9:00 hrs, the afternoon class starts with a 15:00 hrs pick up. Our driver will return you to your hotel after the class.

Price: 2,500 Thai Baht per person
Inclusive of transfers from any Phuket hotel, all ingredients for up to four dishes, rice, seasonal fruits, soft drinks, local beers, drinking water, tax and insurance.

If you are staying in a private villa and would like us to come to you and teach you in your kitchen that's no problem, we can provide a private Thai cooking class at your place, the price is the same.
Private Thai food cooking classes - the students
Robert and Craig - promoted !

For any information or to book your class please contact Sri directly at or use our Contact Form.

She is also available if you need any tips or suggestions for cooking Thai Food at home.
Phuket unique private Thai food cooking classes

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