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Friday, October 25, 2013

Phuket Weather Blog from 21 to 24 October 2013

Everything is getting ready for the Phuket FIVB Volleyball Open. This great international event will start on 29 October to en on 3rd November.
Phuket FIVB Open - Karon Beach
Phuket FIVB Open - Karon Beach

The teams will play at best at Karon Beach where sand is ready for them and the viewers. The weather should stay at it is now, blue sky with some white and foamy clouds that helps to keep the temperature down. Really can ask better.

Phuket FIVB Open - Karon Beach
Stands are ready for Phuket FIVB Open - Karon Beach
On 20th was last day of Buddhist Lent period, remember it started back on 23rd  July. Weather was very different that day. The day is also called oog Pansa, that means end of the Lent. It marks the passage from rain season to dry and in Phuket couldn't be more true this year. Very nice and flat sea, only some shower at night that just lat one hour.

This week also an important Thailand public holiday on 23rd October is Chulalongkorn Day or or “Piyamaharaj Day". This is a very important day for Thai People. It is the memorial of the day when reverted and loved King Rama V passed away.  Also yesterday weather was very good making great for those on holiday and those took a day off.
Phuket Blog - Karon Beach
Karon Beach 23rd October 2013

This morning again nothing changed and Kamala beach is ready for the season. Still my favorite place to chill out on week end. specially before gets to crowed during peak season. This morning was just perfect. high tide,, sun shining and not too many people. The Maphrao BeachResort  is just in front the beach making this small guest house a perfect place where enjoy an easy holiday.
Phuket Blog - Kamala Beach
Kamala Beach on 24th October 2013

Phuket Blog - Maphrao Beach Resort
Kamala Beach - Maphrao Beach Resort

Monday, July 22, 2013

Phuket weather 22 July 2013 - Asarnha Bucha Day

Today is Thailand public holidays as it is Asarnha Bucha Day, this also means we are at the 15th night of the eighth month of the Buddhist Lunar calendar.
Kathu Chinese Shrine - open for Asalha Bucha Day
Kathu Chinese Shrine

So how was the weather for those that have a day off? Not so bad, wind in the morning was strong and blew all clouds then it went down after mid day, leaving a clear sky and a surprising flat sea.
Patong Beach Phuket
Low tide at Patong Beach - 22 July 2013

Today is the celebration of Lord Buddha first sermon, is a day for relax and celebration before enter the three months Buddhist Lent. So also at Kathu everything was ready for celebration, parade started with bands, costumes and authority dressed for the event... but a storm came from West and over the hills, despite short rain it was strong and the procession almost dissolved, everyone looked for a shelter waiting for the rain to stop.
Kalim Beach Phuket
Kalim Beach - storm coming from sea
Asalha Bucha Day in Phuket
One of the band under the rain
Asalha Bucha Day in Phuket
Kathu - waiting for rain to stop

Asalha Bucha Day anyway is holidays so soon everyone was enjoying the food stalls and shopping at the markets. And if you are on holidays is a perfect day for an Island tour and see a bite of real local life.

Asalha Bucha Day in Phuket
Kathu - the procession start again
Asalha Bucha Day in Phuket
After rain the band regroup