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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Inspection trip - John Gray's Hong by Starlight Tour

Time for us to go on inspection for John Gray's Hong by Starlight Tour which is good chance to check if there are any changes on the itinerary or program. Get feedback for our customers who worry about doing Phang Nga bay tour on a rainy day since we are now in our monsoon season. Can check our weather update here Easy Day Phuket Weather Reports

Today is 5th of June 2014 I had also two of my customers on the trip a good opportunity to do inspection and take care of our own customers at the same time.

The driver pick us up from the hotel in Patong around 11.40, it was as scheduled. Then drive to the meeting point at Ao Por Marina where the tour guide take us to the boat and start briefing about the boat and our day tour while cruising in to Phang Nga bay.

It was cloudy and according to the forecast it will be wind and rain later in the afternoon. 

John Gray's Hong by Starlight Tour with Easy Day Thailand
Cruising into Phang Nga Bay

John Gray's Hong by Starlight Tour with Easy Day Thailand
Buffet Lunch

Tour leader introducing us to our guide/paddler which will be with us for the rest of the day. There was about 25 customers on the boat and for every 2 customers got 1 guide/paddler and I really like that all the guides were taking good care of customers, all of them speak good English, friendly and funny so it was quite fun and relaxed atmosphere on boat, then a light buffet lunch was served on board after the briefing.

John Gray's Hong by Starlight Tour with Easy Day Thailand
Enter the Cave
John Gray's Hong by Starlight Tour with Easy Day Thailand
On the way out

The boat cruises into Phang Nga bay and headed to the first stop for canoeing at Panak island. We went into a pitch dark cave and it is more and more narrow, our guide got flashlight so we still can see the sparkling wall then our guide asked us to lay down so we can go through small exit which lead us to the beautiful lagoon. 

The rain start after we came back to the boat from our first canoe then we've done the rest of the canoe sessions in rain which at one point inside Koh Hong lagoon we could feel very strong wind came through the holes but the water still flat since the area is very protected which make Phang Nga bay a perfect trip in our monsoon season.

John Gray's Hong by Starlight Tour with Easy Day Thailand
When the rain started
John Gray's Hong by Starlight Tour with Easy Day Thailand
Sarina - Inside the Lagoon

I really enjoyed canoeing in the rain especially when I was inside the lagoon surrounded by high limestone cliff with perfect temperature not too cold and nice to escape from Phuket heat for one day. Mangroves and other plans were covered with rain drops make them look more green and alive than a normal sunny day, I could imagine myself in Amazon Forest!

The guides are very knowledgeable giving us so much information while paddling and also they are very good at spot and show us some interesting wild life, we saw my favorite “Mud-skipper”, big lizard on the wall, hunting sea eagles, bats and beautiful hornbill.

Last canoe session was the highlight of the day. We will get to do “Loy Krathong” which is one of the most important festival for Thai people to pay respect to the Mother River and we normally do it once a year on the fullmoon of the 12th month in the traditional Thai Lunar Calendar. The guides prepared banana trunk, leafs, flowers, fruits and vegetables for decoration and teach us how to make Krathong then take us through the cave (full of sleeping bats!) and into the lagoon to float the Krathong.

John Gray's Hong by Starlight Tour with Easy Day Thailand
My Krathong
John Gray's Hong by Starlight Tour with Easy Day Thailand
"Loy Krathong"

 Delicious dinner was served when we came back from Loy Krathong. There was very nice seafood dishes and many other choices with chicken and also vegetarian.

We arrived back at the pier at around 9pm then the driver drive us back to the hotel.

It was a successful day for my trip inspection and most of all I've learned how beautiful my country is even in the rain ;)

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Friday, December 13, 2013

John Gray's Sea Canoe Overnight Expedition - 2 Days & 1 Night Exploring Phang Nga Bay by Kayak - Day 2

Phang Nga Bay Expedition Express trip report: Day 1 | Day 2

Phang Nga Bay Camping & Kayaking
The best sea view "room"
I woke up around 7:00 when the sun was already high enough to warm up my tent, and when I unzipped the tent I was welcomed by a beautiful scenery with some of the limestone islands of Phang Nga Bay at the horizon, it was the best sea view "room" in the world!
While my fellow travellers where still in their tents the staff quickly prepared an abundant picnic breakfast, there was food to suit all habits, from scrambled eggs to bakery stuff and fruit along with tea and coffee.

Camping Panak Island in Phang Nga Bay
Campsite on Lawa Island

Picnic Breakfast on the beach in Phang Nga Bay
Our unique breakfast
After breakfast and some relax time our support longtail boat arrived, it was time to move for some self paddling canoe, one couple had booked a different program so the group was split. Starting from our beach camp we circumnavigated about half of Lawa Island and reached a cave, a different one from those we visited on the previous day. This time there was no water in the cave so we parked our canoes on a tiny sand stripe at the entrance and walked through a long tunnel which once again ended up in a hong.

Mud Skipper - Phang Nga Bay Fauna
Mud Skippers
Due to very low tide also the hong had no water at the time so we could walk around and see some huge mangrove trees and some funny Mud Skippers, a kind of fish with the ability of breathing air and hop around the muddy floor when the tide is low.
Back on the canoe we paddled further and got to a little beach hidden between two cliffs, at first glance it was nothing special but then the guide showed us an old wooden ladder that was leading to a hole a couple of meters above the ground, it was the entrance to another cave but once again it was different from the previous one, we never got bored of seeing caves because each one had its peculiarities. This particular one is called "Icecream Cave" because there are plenty of white and brown stalactites and stalagmites which were mixing together and really looked like huge ice creams. 

Sea Canoe in Phang Nga Bay with incredible landcapes
Some of the magic in Phang Nga Bay
Once back outside we loaded our canoes on the support boat and started cruising east towards a new island where we had some more self paddling around, this time no caves but beautiful environment and landscapes. Later with the boat we moved further east to the Krabi side of the bay and stopped at Pakbia Island which has a nice quiet beach and clear water with the opportunity to do fairly good snorkeling, here we had about 1 hour free time to enjoy the place at leisure.

Krabi Islands - Koh Pakbia
Cruising towards Pakbia Island
Pakbia Island Krabi Beach
Little corner of Parafise at Pakbia Island
When it was about 12:30 we cruised to the little Thalen Pier whiich is located not far from Ao Nang, there we had another great meal at a local restaurant, this time was a seafood set menu lunch. Time to part ways with my new friends Josh and Maggie, they got a car waiting for them to transfer them to Ao Nang and then a short boat ride to Railay Beach where they had booked their new hotel, while I returned strait to Phuket with the fast and comfortable long tail boat. The journey back took about 2 hours, just enjoyed the breeze and the navigation admiring the landscape, there are more than 50 small limestone islets all around. We finally reached Ao Por Pier around 17:00.

Tasty Thai Food in Krabi
Great lunch at local restaurant
A big thanks to the very professional and friendly staff who took very good care of all the guests allowing us to have a truly unforgettable experience. I highly recommend this trip to anyone who wishes to have an original and safe adventure off the beaten track, just remember that accommodation is in a tent so it's very basic and definitely not as comfortable as a hotel. As long as you don't have back ache issues or similar health conditions the experience is definitely worth the effort, after all it's just for one night.

Phang Nga Bay Expedition Express trip report: Day 1 | Day 2

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Monday, December 9, 2013

John Gray's Sea Canoe Overnight Expedition - 2 Days & 1 Night exploring Phang Nga Bay by Kayak - Day 1

Phang Nga Bay Expedition Express trip report: Day 1 | Day 2

For this first day of the Overnight Expedition Express by John Gray's Sea Canoe we followed the same itinerary of the Hong By Starlight Tour, sharing the boat with the day trippers.

Phang Nga Bay - John Gray's Hong By Starlight escort boat
JGSC Escort Boat
According to the tide prediction of the day I was picked up on time at 12:00 and transferred to Ao Por marina where all participants were gathered at a restaurant for the count, then after the staff introduced themselves we got on the "escort boat". Once on board the tour leader did a safety briefing about the do's and don'ts on the boat while we started cruising towards Phang Nga Bay. There were about 25 guests on board plus many guides though there was plenty of space for everybody, fruits and soft drinks available all the time, the boat also has a toilet on the lower deck.

When we were about half way to destination a light buffet lunch was served, mostly vegetarian choices and plenty of food for everyone.

John Gray Sea Canoe - Kayaking Briefing
Safety birefing
After lunch we were given a very detailed briefing about the canoe session that we were about to enjoy, the guide in charge was using maps and other funny pictures which made the briefing interesting so people didn't miss the important parts. We then finally got to our first stop which was at Panak island, a canoe and an English speaking guide/paddler was provided each 2 people, all the guides are kind and knowledgeable about the local environment providing a lot of information and smiling all the time. In the meanwhile we were paddling from the moored boat towards a high and steep limestone cliff with a dark cave entrance at the bottom.

Ao Phang Nga - Panak Island Cave
Cave entrance
Once we went deeper into the tunnel it was pitch black so the guides turned their flashlights on, the tunnel was large and very long and we could see hundreds of bats sleeping while hanging on the ceiling. After about 200m the cave started to get more and more narrow to the point that we had to lay down horizontally and deflate the canoe a bit in order to move forward, when we managed to pass through the little hole I realised that we entered another world. This was one of the so called "hongs" (Thai word for "room"), a large hidden lagoon completely surrounded by limestone cliffs covered in lush vegetation, only accessible through a cave.

Hong at Panak Island - Ao Phang Nga
Inside a hong
The atmosphere inside the hong is surreal, you can find absolute silence only broken by the animal sounds. The effects by the light filtering through the trees was amazing and could see plenty of sea eagles flying above us. Looking carefully into the trees we also spotted some large hornbills and monkeys (long tailed macaques) laying on the rocks. After about an hour exploring this hong we went out again trough the cave and then to a smaller lagoon before returning to the boat. 

Hong Cave Entrance - Phang Nga Bay Phuket
The very narrow hong access point
We immediately started cruising towards the other side of the island and during navigation we were followed by a flock of sea eagles "hunting" some pieces of chicken skin that where tossed from the kitchen, quite impressive! When we reached our destination we had some free time to self paddle, swim and relax on the beach, this was also the place where we would later spend the night camping. There were few other boats from other tour operators moored here and many people wandering around though they left very soon as they were at the end of their day while we still had plenty of time to go. 

Diamond Cave - Sea Canoe in Phang Nga Bay
Diamond-like Calcium carbonate
Once back on board the guides provided us banana leaves, flowers and needles to teach us how to build a traditional krathong, this part was interesting and a particular experience of Thai culture. Before sunset we moved to the nearby Hong Island and went for another canoe session through caves and hongs, pretty similar to the first though in this cave there were some formations of calcium carbonate that was shining like diamond when hit by the light from the torches, therefore it was called "Diamond Cave". 

Loy Kratong in Phang Nga Bay - Phuket
Krathong construction...well done!
Back again on the boat a great Thai buffet dinner was waiting for us, this time there was more choice with both seafood and chicken curry dishes plus some vegetarian option. By the time we had our dinner it got dark, so the tour leader gave us a detailed explanation about Thai culture and history related to the Loy Krathong festival, all this in preparation for what we were about to experience. Once ready we finally went for our last canoe session into a hong, this time in the total darkness. When we all got into the hong we lit the candles and launched our self-made krathongs, all the candles floating in the dark together with their reflection in the water made it a truly magical moment. In respect of the environment before heading back to the boat we recovered all our krathongs, though they are mostly made with natural components there were also too many steel nails in them to be left there, it's good to be Eco-friendly.

Cmping at Koh Panak - Phang Nga Bay
Lawa Island's beach - overnight campsite
While most guests returned to Phuket, the 5 of us who chose to stay overnight were left on the tiny secluded beach at Lawa Island together with few of the guides. They already prepared the camp site with tents, fire, oil lamps and all the supplies we could ever need. Everything was perfectly organised and it was nice to be just a handful of people from different countries chatting around a fire on a remote beach, all under a starry sky. Unfortunately as it often happens in tropics the weather quickly changed and in a couple of hours a short thunderstorm came, time to go to sleep. The tents were set under a limestone cliff and a large tree so we were well sheltered from the heavy rain, it actually cooled down the temperature enough to allow us a nice sleep and be fresh for the second day of our adventure.

Sunset in Phang Nga Bay Sea Canoe
Sunset in Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay Expedition Express trip report: Day 1 Day 2

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Reviews - Andy and Jules bartush - honeymoon


Thank you so much for helping set up the wonderful Honeymoon in Thailand for my wife Jules and I. We had an amazing time and enjoyed being able to sit back and have the logistics figured out for us! The Phang Nga Bay tour was wonderful and our guide Bee was great! The Allano was also a spectacular hotel in Patong and the owner there was simply perfect! They had amazing customer service. Despite the muddy conditions/construction there we had an amazing time!

Jules is CC'd here on this email and she will be getting in contact with you because her parents will be traveling through Thailand in I believe a few weeks and would like to work with you in setting up some transfers, hotel bookings and maybe a tour.

I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks again!

We will definitely be in contact again on our next trip!

Andy Bartush

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Panyee Bungalow Restaurant - Phang Nga Bay

Last Saturday we did an inspection tour at Phang Nga Bay and James Bond Island to refresh a bit our best seller private tour. This time we left from Tadang Pier near Phang Nga Town, with the longtail boat went to see Koh Ping Ngan, James Bond Island and last stop was for lunch at Koh Panyee.
Koh Panyee - Phang Nga Bay - Thailand
Koh Panyee from North East

Koh Panyee is a tiny Muslim village built on stilts next to a small cliff that is an island itself, despite the small dimension the island has two very different souls. The south side is taken by tours package restaurants, where all massive tours to James Bond come to have lunch and do some shopping at souvenirs shop. While the north side, near the cliff, is where can see the island and village life there, at the extreme north east side, we found the Panyee Bungalow Restaurant. There were some local people from Phang Nga Town, small tour groups and some independent travelers that made their way to the piers and then to the island.

Phang Nga Bay - Thailand
Koh Tam Loe
Koh Panyee
Panyee Bungalow Restaurant

So we decided to give a trial and we ordered the House Dish, snapper fish cooked three times, the fish is fried, then passed again in the pan with chilly paste and then in sweet and sour sauce. The staff asked if we liked spicy or more sweet...surely spicy.

Panyee Bungalow - Phang Nga Bay
Food is ready..and a lot
Then prawns Tempura, mixed vegetables in Thai style with soy sauce, fried rice with sea food and steamed rice. Everything was fresh, tasty and in large portions, we couldn't eat all because too much for two people.
Panyee Bungalow - Phang Nga Bay
Souvenir shop at restaurant

Panyee Bungalow - Phang Nga Bay
Terrace on the sea
Panyee Bungalow - Phang Nga Bay
Fish cages next to the restaurant ..fresh sea food

Must say that Muslim cuisine is always a bit sweet so ask for fish sauce, salt or lemon if like a more bitter flavor or simply ask to not add sugar.

The Island is traditional and so won't have any pork on the menu and alcohol is banned.

We think all was good from staff to food, location to kindness and so we are now using this as "our" restaurant for the private Phang Nga tour.
Panyee Bungalow - Phang Nga Bay
Panyee Bungalow Sea Food Restaurant

A note about the name, the owner Mr "Bao" is planning to build first Koh Panyee bungalows next to the restaurant, may be next year. In the hope he can make his dream come true he started with the name "Panyee Bungalows".
Diego Bianchi - ERasy Day Thailand GM
Diego at Panyee Bungalow -what great day !

If you have there at this restaurant please leave your comment.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Phuket Weather 6, 7, 8 and 9 September 2013

First week of September passed and can only say that everything was normal, from flash floods to hot sunny afternoons. This is the month of rain that can be slow, lasting all day long, or just heavy and crazy for one or two hours.

First have a look to our river at Kathu Waterfall,  heavy rains at night he was running much faster then previous months and water level is rising.
Kathu Waterfall
Kathu River on 6 September 2013

During week end we also went around Phang Nga Bay for an inspection tour at the island where we do our special private Phang Nga bay tour, all day the Sun was playing with clouds and rain could be seen at distance, luckily we haven't got any and really enjoyed the fresh air.
Phang Nga Bay - Thailand
Phang  Nga Bay on 7 September 2013
Phang Nga Bay - Thailand
James Bond Island - Phang Nga Bay 7 Sept 2013

On Sunday was time for bicycles, we participated at Phuket Old Town Bike day organized by Tourism Authority of Thailand in Phuket, meeting was before dawn and thought nobody was there as rain was really heavy, but then by the time we started , at 7:00 am, only grey clouds soon we reached Kathu Chinese shire sun was out, everyone was soon dry and we did last part to the dam easy and faster.
Phuket Old Town Bike Day
Meeting point at 6:00 am - 8 Sept 2013
Phuket Old Town Bike Day
Kathu Chinese Shrine - 8 Sept 2013

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Reviews - Catherine K.N.

Catherine and Family enjoyed several tours and transfer services with us. The review below was posted on TripAdvisor earlier this month.

"After reading all the great reviews, I booked all our tours through Francesco. The private tour of Phang Nga was fabulous and Tee was great about being flexible for a large group. It was a relief to be able to arrange all the transports between hotels, and even dental appointments and I can always guarantee to be picked up in a comfortable van. Their drivers were always on time and made me feel safe (I've been in other rides where the drivers drove wildly and rides were very bumpy). The only tour I didn't arrange through Easy Day was the Phi Phi island tour which I arranged at the last minute out of our hotel in Krabi. First, we we picked up in a tuk-tuk, then 10 minutes into the speedboat ride, I understood why Francesco recommended the luxury cruiser option. The speedboat ride out was so bumpy that an elderly woman hurt her back and was in deep pain through the whole trip. All the women were feeling quite sick after the 45 minute ride out which seemed to take a lot longer. Next time, I'll take Francesco's advice and pay the extra for the luxury cruiser. Also, talking to other tourists, it seems that nobody else had been told about the Kapong River tubing which we quite enjoyed. Thanks for helping to make our vacation not only more luxurious, but so much easier."

...and few days later we received this email:

"Thank you, when we return to Thailand, I'll definitely be contacting you guys again.  

I'll be recommending you to all my friends in Norway.  What distinguishes a good service organization from the bad is not that they necessarily have everything go perfectly, but it's how you handle the situation.  I'm very satisfied with all the services we've received from you and you are a top notch service provider.  

Thank you again"

More on tours in Thailand at

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

phuket weather 21 May 2013

Got Ready to go for early morning Walk but the rain started, take it easy enjoy breakfast and wait as sun could come out any time.

Can see how much rain in few minutes came down, refreshing the air.

What you see is the typical Spirit House that almost every one has in the garden

Wind get stronger every day, normal for the season. This makes possible to have sun shine alternate to heavy rain few times a day

So if you changed mind after breakfast still a lot to do in the afternoon, such as enjoy Phang Nga Bay.

The best is Hong Island with a Private Phuket canoeing Tour by Easy Day Thailand. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Reviews - Liz C.

Liz joined our Phi Phi Premium Tour and Easy Day's Private Phang Nga Bay Sightseeing Tour

"Hi Pornsri,

My friends and I had a wonderful time in Phuket. Thanks for all the help! I'd like to especially thank Ingo and Francesco. They were very patient with all our questions and requests.

I left a very good review on Trip Advisor, too.

I hope to visit Phuket again! I'd definitely recommend you to my friends. :)


James Bond Island - part of Easy Day Thailand Private Sightseeing Tour
James Bond Island

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Reviews - Susan & Danny

Susan & Danny review About Easy Days Private Phang Nga Sightseeing Tour  
"Hi Francesco! 

Just wanted to let you know that we had an amazing time yesterday with T! When we get back to Toronto in about a week, I will write a thorough review. T is an amazing guide and felt more like a friend! We had a blast with him! Also, the lunch was definitely one of the best meals we've had in Thailand! Couldn't have asked for a better day! 

Thanks again so much! Please give our thanks to T as well! :) 


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Reviews - Henri, Anneke and kids

 Henri, Anneke and the kids had a great time on Easy Days Private Phang Nga Sightseeing Tour 

James Bond Island - Must see place when visiting Phang Nga Bay (Images by Adriano Trapani)
James Bond Island - Phang Nga Bay

"Hi Francesco, hi Diego,

We just wanted to tell you that we thoroughly enjoyed our family trip to Phang Nga yesterday. I will certainly put a review on your website and make a recommendation to the owner of the house. What we really liked was that we had our own transport, our own guide and own water transport. Indeed we could completely make our own planning. Tii was very helpful (and sometimes too worried) but he realised we were a quiet and not so demanding family. We like to take things in the easy way and do not ask a lot of questions. We are glad we did not take any of the busy tourist trips. Sitting in a bus or boat and waiting for each other is nothing for us.

Thank you again. Oh, Francesco, Cape Panwa is not the same as Panwa Beach, Tii was a bit later due to that.... No worries.

Wish you well, kind regards,
Henri, Anneke and kids"

Friday, April 5, 2013

Reviews - Conny A.

Conny and her friends visited Phang Nga Bay with our Private Phang Nga Sightseeing Tour.

"Hello :-)

Thank you for sending the Best guide :-) we had a wonderful time today. Are a bit tired now after All the impressions but wouldn't have been without them. Looking forward to join your Company again the Day after tomorrow.

Kind regards


James Bond Island - Phang Nga Bay
James Bond Island- Phang Nga Bay

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Phuket Tours - Phang Nga Bay Sea Canoe Tour

07.45 – 8.30 Pick up from your hotel and transfer to Kong Khien Pier
09.30 - Departure to Phang nga Bay and:
Typical Island seen in Phang Nga Bay
Phang Nga Bay
  • Visit & explore caves at Panak Island by Canoe
  • Visit James bonds Island
  • Lunch on board, Thai buffet lunch
  • Visit Hong Island by Canoe
  • Swimming and relax on the beach, self paddle canoe
16.30 Back to the pier and transfer to Hotel

Group having Fun in Phang Nga - Phuket Sea Canoe Tours to Phang Nga Bay
James Bond & Phang Nga Sea Canoe Tour

Monday, March 4, 2013

Reviews - Gemma

Visit at James Bond Island with Easy Day Thailands Phang Nga Tour
James Bond Island
"Hi Sri,

Thank you for the email!

We had an amazing holiday in Thailand, made all the more special by your company of lovely people!!!

Every member of my family commented on how well the tours were organised and run. Especially the 2 guides we had take us!!!

We would like to highly praise both, T & U!!!! T took us on the Phang Nga Bay James Bond Island day, he was fantastic, funny, friendly & helpful!!! He really helped to make our day special.
Especially wonderful as he was going into hospital the next day. Please could you let us know how he is doing? Please send on our best wishes to him & thank him again!!!
U was our guide for the Phi Phi Islands day, again he made our day extra special, we couldn't have asked for better. A lovely man!
Both guides helped to give us some very special memories to take home!!! A credit to Thailand!!!

The Phi Phi tour ended our holiday on a wonderful note, we felt cared for & very special!!!

We did actually recommend you to an Australian couple while we were still in Phuket. I gave them all your details & told them to mention my name if they wanted to do the Phi Phi tour. I don't know if they did as we flew home the next day???
I will definitely recommend you to anyone i know going to Phuket!!!

Thank you all so much for a very special holiday!!!!
Please thank everyone involved.....

Gemma "

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Reviews - Arianna

Scuba Diving Liveaboard to Similan Islands & Day tours to Phang Nga Bay

"La Thailandia è bellissima. Si mangia in modo fantastico e ha dei paesaggi meravigliosi. Phang Nga è affascinante da morire, sembra quasi di stare nella preistoria e ti aspetti che da un momento all'altro arrivi giù un uccello preistorico o qualche insetto gigante.
La crociera Pawara è stata meravigliosa. Il personale squisito e si mangiava davvero bene. Le immersioni saggiamente programmate in ordine di bellezza e tutte incantevoli.
Gorgonie gigantesche, spugne e coralli enormi, nuvole ma proprio nuvole intere di pesci. Mai visto tanti pesci tutti insieme in vita mia.
Le isole Similan sono stupende, non solo sott'acqua ma anche fuori. La spiaggia bianca, il mare di un celeste azzurro e trasparente.
Koh Thachai ..... che dire di Ko Tachai? L'immersione più bella della mia vita.
L'acqua era limpida con una buona visibilità.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Reviews - Stephen

"Hi Francesco,

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help and last-minute request. We had a WONDERFUL time on both tours and today’s trip to Phi Phi was really a highlight as well. The guide Jams (sp?) was wonderful and really too care of us from start to finish.

We will definitely be recommending your tour agency to our friends in the Philippines/USA when they come down to Phuket. Hope to spend more time in the near future and this time give you a more advance notice and let you help us plan our trip better.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Easy Day's Private Phang Nga Bay Sightseeing Tour

Our private tour to Phang Nga Bay Private is well designed to avoid the crowds and doing everything at your own pace. A good start to possibly avoid the tourist crowds is to leave your hotel at 7:00-7:30 depending on your hotel location.

James Bond Island - Image by Adriano Trapani
After picking you up at the hotel our driver and our guide will drive you to Phang Nga (about 1 hour) and to the scenic Sam Chong Floating Restaurant where the longtail boat leaves and where you also have a great lunch at the end of the bay tour. After jumping on the boat we head straight to James Bond Island to anticipate the crowds when it's still quiet and almost empty (sometimes schedule varies depending on tide).

After that you visit Tam Lod Area where you have the optional opportunity to do about 45 minutes canoe where professional local paddlers are provided and will bring you to explore a great environment, through the caves and passageways dug by the water through the centuries in the limestone walls and in the mangroves.

Later you visit the fascinating KohPanyee Sea Gypsy village built on stilts, the authentic village lays beyond the first line of restaurants and souvenir stalls and there you can see a unique lifestyle, great place. You then move to a large very interesting limestone cave full of stalactites and stalagmites, away from the usual day trip routes.

You then move back to Samchong Floating Restaurant to enjoy a tasty lunch facing the scenic mangrove channel. After lunch there's one more stop at Sawan Kuha cave temple, usually a lot of monkeys just outside the entrance and Buddha statues inside, very interesting place.

It depends also by your own pace but this itinerary usually ends around 14:00-15:00 in Phang Nga and then we leave the minivan available for you until 17:00 for any additional purpose like visiting waterfalls, temples, a viewpoint (we recommend visiting Samet Nangshe) shopping, activities or whatever else you would like to do (according to weather and time available). Just discuss about additional destinations after lunch with your tour guide. 

Customer Reviews

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Reviews - Susan R.

Susan enjoyed a Private Phang Bay Sightseeing tour

"Dear Francesco,

We are so happy with our tour that your company provided yesterday! Everything went so well even though our ship arrived over an hour late. We are very impressed with your level of service and will certainly recommend you to everyone who is planning to visit this area of Thailand. All of your employees did an excellent job! It was great you could accommodate another couple at the last minute too. Exploring James Bond Island, paddling in the big cave, seeing the fishing village and all the gorgeous scenery was fabulous!! We will definitely return to Thailand and spend time there without having the constraints of a ship schedule.

Thank you again for making our day so special!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reviews - Lemena

Lemena and family enjoyed a day in Phi Phi with our Phi Phi Premium Tour and a day discovering Phang Nga bay with Easy Day's Private Phang Nga Tour

"Dear Francesco/Diego,

Thanks for the tours. My family and I have enjoyed the trips organised by your tour company. We will definitely recommend your tours to friends and others who may inquire about trips to Phuket.

Best regards,

Lemena H."

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Reviews - Chris & Dot

Happy customer after Easy Day's Private Phang Nga Bay Tour


Private Phang Nga Bay tour via longtail boat with Easy Day ThailandWe both thought that we would write to let you know how much we enjoyed the day. Tee was the perfect guide and looked after us perfectly. I would appreciate it if you could let him know how much he 'made our day'. 

From the initial meeting to the end of the day, he did you proud and made our day memorable. 

We will certainly use you again and look froward to doing so. 

Best Regards, 

Chris and Dot"