Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Panyee Bungalow Restaurant - Phang Nga Bay

Last Saturday we did an inspection tour at Phang Nga Bay and James Bond Island to refresh a bit our best seller private tour. This time we left from Tadang Pier near Phang Nga Town, with the longtail boat went to see Koh Ping Ngan, James Bond Island and last stop was for lunch at Koh Panyee.
Koh Panyee - Phang Nga Bay - Thailand
Koh Panyee from North East

Koh Panyee is a tiny Muslim village built on stilts next to a small cliff that is an island itself, despite the small dimension the island has two very different souls. The south side is taken by tours package restaurants, where all massive tours to James Bond come to have lunch and do some shopping at souvenirs shop. While the north side, near the cliff, is where can see the island and village life there, at the extreme north east side, we found the Panyee Bungalow Restaurant. There were some local people from Phang Nga Town, small tour groups and some independent travelers that made their way to the piers and then to the island.

Phang Nga Bay - Thailand
Koh Tam Loe
Koh Panyee
Panyee Bungalow Restaurant

So we decided to give a trial and we ordered the House Dish, snapper fish cooked three times, the fish is fried, then passed again in the pan with chilly paste and then in sweet and sour sauce. The staff asked if we liked spicy or more sweet...surely spicy.

Panyee Bungalow - Phang Nga Bay
Food is ready..and a lot
Then prawns Tempura, mixed vegetables in Thai style with soy sauce, fried rice with sea food and steamed rice. Everything was fresh, tasty and in large portions, we couldn't eat all because too much for two people.
Panyee Bungalow - Phang Nga Bay
Souvenir shop at restaurant

Panyee Bungalow - Phang Nga Bay
Terrace on the sea
Panyee Bungalow - Phang Nga Bay
Fish cages next to the restaurant ..fresh sea food

Must say that Muslim cuisine is always a bit sweet so ask for fish sauce, salt or lemon if like a more bitter flavor or simply ask to not add sugar.

The Island is traditional and so won't have any pork on the menu and alcohol is banned.

We think all was good from staff to food, location to kindness and so we are now using this as "our" restaurant for the private Phang Nga tour.
Panyee Bungalow - Phang Nga Bay
Panyee Bungalow Sea Food Restaurant

A note about the name, the owner Mr "Bao" is planning to build first Koh Panyee bungalows next to the restaurant, may be next year. In the hope he can make his dream come true he started with the name "Panyee Bungalows".
Diego Bianchi - ERasy Day Thailand GM
Diego at Panyee Bungalow -what great day !

If you have there at this restaurant please leave your comment.

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