Monday, September 9, 2013

Phuket Weather 6, 7, 8 and 9 September 2013

First week of September passed and can only say that everything was normal, from flash floods to hot sunny afternoons. This is the month of rain that can be slow, lasting all day long, or just heavy and crazy for one or two hours.

First have a look to our river at Kathu Waterfall,  heavy rains at night he was running much faster then previous months and water level is rising.
Kathu Waterfall
Kathu River on 6 September 2013

During week end we also went around Phang Nga Bay for an inspection tour at the island where we do our special private Phang Nga bay tour, all day the Sun was playing with clouds and rain could be seen at distance, luckily we haven't got any and really enjoyed the fresh air.
Phang Nga Bay - Thailand
Phang  Nga Bay on 7 September 2013
Phang Nga Bay - Thailand
James Bond Island - Phang Nga Bay 7 Sept 2013

On Sunday was time for bicycles, we participated at Phuket Old Town Bike day organized by Tourism Authority of Thailand in Phuket, meeting was before dawn and thought nobody was there as rain was really heavy, but then by the time we started , at 7:00 am, only grey clouds soon we reached Kathu Chinese shire sun was out, everyone was soon dry and we did last part to the dam easy and faster.
Phuket Old Town Bike Day
Meeting point at 6:00 am - 8 Sept 2013
Phuket Old Town Bike Day
Kathu Chinese Shrine - 8 Sept 2013

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