Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Reviews - Henri, Anneke and kids

 Henri, Anneke and the kids had a great time on Easy Days Private Phang Nga Sightseeing Tour 

James Bond Island - Must see place when visiting Phang Nga Bay (Images by Adriano Trapani)
James Bond Island - Phang Nga Bay

"Hi Francesco, hi Diego,

We just wanted to tell you that we thoroughly enjoyed our family trip to Phang Nga yesterday. I will certainly put a review on your website and make a recommendation to the owner of the house. What we really liked was that we had our own transport, our own guide and own water transport. Indeed we could completely make our own planning. Tii was very helpful (and sometimes too worried) but he realised we were a quiet and not so demanding family. We like to take things in the easy way and do not ask a lot of questions. We are glad we did not take any of the busy tourist trips. Sitting in a bus or boat and waiting for each other is nothing for us.

Thank you again. Oh, Francesco, Cape Panwa is not the same as Panwa Beach, Tii was a bit later due to that.... No worries.

Wish you well, kind regards,
Henri, Anneke and kids"

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