Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Private Thai Cooking Class by Easy Day Thailand

Here is our new solution for a special experience in Thailand, a private Phuket Thai cooking class at a local house, so you will have a touch of home stay in Phuket.
Private cooking class in Phuket
Tools are ready

After being transferred from their hotel with a comfortable private minivan, our first guests Edmond & Margaux met our cooks at Kathu Fresh Market to buy the main ingredients for the tasty lunch they were going to cook.
Thai Cooking class in Phuket - fresh food from local market
From Kathu Fresh food market

Back from shopping at the local market we moved to the house where the cooking class took place, just a few minutes away, and put the special "easy day aprons" on ready for some kitchen action.
Thai Cooking Class in Kathu - spices
Thai spices - cooking class

Many of the vegetables and other ingredients are very different from those you could be used to, so it's very interesting to discover new things and tastes, learning about the various differences and how to use each ingredient.
Thai Cooking class - private in Phuket
Ingredients cards in English

Local restaurants and our expert housewives usually take just few minutes to prepare most of the Thai dishes but in this case our cooks calmly explained all the simple steps of the preparation so the whole lesson took a couple of hours.
Easy Day private cooking class
Preparation - private cooking class
Easy Day private cooking class in Phuket
Time to cook - supervised by the Chef

After taking all these pictures during the preparation and especially smelling all the inviting scents I really was hungry! Finally all the dishes were ready, all looked very good, in fact in Thai culinary culture the visual presentation of each dish is as important as the taste.
Thai Cooking class - Phuket
Food ready

Congratulations everyone !
Private Thai cooking class with easy Day Thailand
Ed and Margaux cooking class - Promoted

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