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Day Trip to Koh Tachai Island - Inspection in March 2013

Koh Tachai Island was closed up to two years ago and now the Similan Islands National Park have opened it for Snorkeling Tours.
Koh Tacha Island - Thailand
Koh Tachai - Similan Is National Park

For many years we have dived around this island so we knew that nature and marine life here are beautiful, we have seen here many times Manta and Whale Sharks. The Island stands alone between Simlan Islands National Park and Surin Islands National Park, nothing either than the Indian Ocean to West and to East is Thailand mainland.
Koh Tacha Island - Thailand
Koh Tachai The beach

Now was time to finally step on it and discover how beautiful the place is, we booked a day trip with our selected operator and got ready at 8:00 am for pick up that was actually five minutes earlier, we were the first. We were staying at Khao Lak Country Side, that is close to the beach despite the name. Then went around the different hotels to collect other customers, last pick up was at Jw Marriot Khao Lak around 8:40 am on the way North to Ban Nam Kem where the boat was departing from (at the end of season boats normally depart south of Khao Lak from Tab Lamu).
Day tour to Koh Tachai Island
Speed Boat inside

There was a nice welcome with coffee, tea and water while we waited for every one else to arrive and then a simple briefing about the schedule during the day and rules to follow on the boat and at the Island. We followed our guide down the road to the beach where boat was waiting for us. Took our places on board and the other staff were introduced,the three four strokes engines were started and soon we were sailing full speed to Koh Tachai.
Day tour to Koh Tachai Island

The Island is about 30 miles off shore, the sea was flat as normal in mid March so it was easy to get there in about one hour and 20 minutes. Amazing colors, getting close to Tachai Island the sea went from dark Blue to emerald and then almost white as the water there is so clear that you only see the white sand bottom.

A quick stop at the beach to unload food, beverages and staff, those who like to enjoy more the beach the refreshing trees and snorkeling from the shore got off the boat.
Day tour to Koh Tachai Island by speed boat
Koh Tachai Rest area

Those remaining, about 15 people of the 30 on board, stayed on the boat and in 10 minutes we were snorkeling on the reef. It is strictly forbidden to feed the fish so you won't just see the small fishes coming close to you for some bread but the real reef life. The white sand bottom and clear water makes it very easy to see colors and fishes, guides are in the water to be sure that those not confident at swimming don't get caught in the current.
Snorkling at  Koh Tachai Island
Koh Tachai north reef

We suggest to bring your fins, it will make it easier to get back to the boat and more fun exploring a bigger area and getting close to the drop off. Koh Tachai is exposed to tidal currents so when water level changes current can be strong and it is recommended to stay close to the boat and the guides.
One hour snorkeling is good to make people hungry so we went back to the beach and near the Rangers base the staff did a great job preparing a lot of food, with BBQ sea food, shrimps, noodles, veggies and lot more.
Koh Tachai Day trip
Lunch time at Koh Tachai
Koh Tachai Day trip
Lunch time
Koh Tachai Day trip
Home made Thai sweets
Koh Tachai Day trip
Thai sweets to refresh

Relax and if you like enjoy one hour exploration of Tachai Rain Forest where can see birds and the big "chicken" Crabs, so called because of the sound they make.
Koh Tachai Thailand
Koh Tachai Rain Forest

I preferred to swim and enjoy more snorkeling and walk on the beach made of incredibly fine white sand. Between the parked boats you can sometimes see baby reef sharks that come close to shore to hunt small fishes and crabs.
Koh Tachai Thailand
Koh Tachai the beach
Koh Tachai Thailand
Speed boat to Koh Tachai moored at the beach

Around 15:00 staff pack all their equipment, collect all rubbish and call everyone to get on board, ready for the trip back to the hotel, on board more water and soft drinks are available. We were at our hotel around 17:30.
day trip to Koh Tachai Thailand
Three engines speed boat to Koh Tachai

Best time to visit is between January and mid April when sea and weather conditions are at their best. Bring your towel, fins, and a lot of sunscreen, best is a sunscreen vest, a hat and some money to tip crew and guides that do a great job everyday. Toilets and showers, well kept and clean, are available on the Island that has a fresh water reserve.

You can enjoy this day tour from Phuket or Khao Lak

day trip to Koh Tachai Thailand
Malila was in Koh Tachai

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