Monday, May 13, 2013

Reviews - Family dive trip on MV Sai Mai

Sandra and her family had a great time on board our MV Sai Mai. Below Review comment was posted on Trip Advisor in May 2013. 

"Our family took a 3-day, 2-night trip on the Sai Mai in April, and it was wonderful. We booked the boat because it is small, as my husband and I wanted to hit the great dive sites, but also allow our three kids (ages 5, 7 and 8) to snorkel and enjoy the ride. The boat was great, plenty roomy and comfortable accommodations. Food was wonderful and help was always available anytime you needed anything.
MV Sai Mai - Thailand Boutique Liveaboard
MV Sai Mai

When we booked the trip, we hoped that we would be the only ones aboard, and indeed the owner told us the night before that we would be. However, to be safe, we had asked that he warn any other divers who booked that there would be kids aboard. After all, we understand that someone looking for a dive/party trip may not want to be bothered by children. In the end, we travelled with two lovely women from Germany, and learned that they had not been warned about the kids. Luckily, they were wonderful, and said they did not mind the kids being around an all. I hope they were telling the truth! But they were wonderful people and great dive partners.

Speaking of the diving, it was very good. Squid, octopus, ghost pipe fish, sharks, beautiful coral, it was all here. Andreas, the dive master, was very knowledgeable and adept at finding the little creatures that you wouldn't want to miss. He also handled the gear so well, getting everything ready appeared effortless. Great prep talks for the dive, even resorting to his own home made maps, when pre-made ones were not available. He was also fun to talk to topside.

A second guide, Jason, joined along to take the kids snorkelling while we were diving. He was endlessly patient, and the children had a wonderful time. My husband and I also did, as we knew they were well taken care of while we were diving. I'm sure this is not Jason's usual job, as he works dive boats and I'm sure is usually leading dives. But he was great.

Simply put, we would love to dive from the MV Sai Mai again when we visit Thailand. We would definitely request the same crew and staff. Highly recommend this outfit to anyone" 

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