Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Current weather in Phuket - 31st August 2015

Difficult during these days to say if weather is bad or at least not so bad so i decided to make a special update about weather in Phuket in August.

The month of August  closed with good weather, despite some rain sea was flat and no wind. There were two or three very hot days at the ed of last week because of the haze from Sumatra. Then a mild wind on Saturday and a night rain on Sunday cleared the air

Phuket Weather in August 2015
Patong bay early morning on 31 August 2015
Today some more clouds and wind is stronger, probably we will see some rain in next two days.
Kathu - Phuket
Sky over Kathu this morning

During the week was great with flat sea and clear sky, all activities and tours where possible.
Patong Beach - Thailand
Sunset at Patong Beach on 18 August 2015
But be aware that despite flat sea dugin Summer it is very dangerous to swim off the beaches on Phuket West Coast.
Warning sign for rip current - Thailand
Summer isn't good time for swimm off Phuket west Coast
Do that only where there are lifeguards and only where is allowed (must falgs that are half yellow and half red). Otherwise enjoy a nice walk on the beaches and sunbath.

On 14th August another lovely day and enjoyed riding my motorbike from Patong to Kamala , this was high tide at north end of Patong Beach.

Today 13th August  was a nice sunshine gave the good morning in Phuket that is back to blue sky and very nice condition to fully enjoy holidays and the island life.

Kamala Beach Phuket
Kamala beach view to south, morning 13th August 2015

Kamala Beach Phuket
Kamala beach view to north, morning 13th August 2015

On Tuesday 11th  and Wednesday 12th rain was back and for two days dark  sky was all over Phuket with a lot of rain. No wind and Sea was flat

Sunday 9th sky was covered in clouds but no rain and mild wind, while Monday 10th was a very good and hot day can see from the picture taken in the afternoon from The Nap Blue Moon suite balcony.
The Nap Patong - swimming pool
Swimming pool at The Nap Patong
Phuket Weather in August 2015
View over Patong Bay from The Nap on 10 August 2015

But last night rain started and this morning is still pouring down, no wind  that should pick up in the afternoon and clear the sky.

Forecast say that should be good all week.

The first picture shows the situation now, 16:30 on 5th August 2015 on the north west side of Phuket island

Weather in Phuket in August
Kathu Hills, view over North West on 5th  August 2015
Can see the rain and tick clouds approaching, for sure there will be some rain

The second picture taken few seconds later show the view over south East side of Phuket.
Weather in Phuket in August
View from Kathu over South East Phuket on 5 August 2015
Sky is clear and can even see blue sky at distance so probably down the islands of Racha Yai and Phi Phi was a good day with some sun.

Wind picked up since yesterday so wave out in open sea can big between one and two meters. While on sheltered side of the islands can stay in flat water and enjoy the warm sea

Don't forget that sea water temperature in Phuket is always between 27 and 30 Celsius, very nice to swim and dive there.

Phuket Island
Relax and enjoy holidays
Enjoy holidays and relax, and if it will pour down for one or two hours sit and wait for the rain to pass and enjoy the show of a tropical storm

Phuket Island
Rain beautiful isn't it?

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