Thursday, April 30, 2015

Phuket Weather in April 2015 update from 16th to 30th

Second half of April is bringing us into Summer in Thailand, thunderstorms are now on a daily basis, specially at evening.
Karon Beach Phuket
Sunset at Karon Beach on 18 April 2015

Rain is good for life and necessary for all nature including us so look at it on a positive way, air temperature dropped a bit. A day like today with a thunderstorm in the evening means fresh air at night and good sleeping.

Tomorrow morning sun will shine so the holidays day will be great.
Phuket Island - Patong Bay
Patong Bay end of April 2015

Wind is changing direction and start blowing from South West, bringing more clouds and humidity to Phuket. So far a really normal season.

Look like this situation will be for at least all next week, so can enjoy lovely days out at sea and activities

Soon will be time again for surfing and rafting
Surfing at Kata Beach Phuket
Few more days before surfing season in Phuket

Here can compare how was weather in Phuket in April 2014 and then May 2014

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