Friday, May 22, 2015

Phuket weather update from 1st til 22 May 2015

The much expected rain didn't arrive and so we still have flat sea, no wind and no waves. Despite all forecast stills showing rain and storms nothing really happen.

Laem Sing Beach - Phuket
View over Laem Sing Beach and Phuket west coast on 21 May 2015

We have some storm but just local and they last in less than on hour, surfers will have to wait for waves.

See the pictures below take as same place in the morning and afternoon, can see that we go from clear sky to light storm in the afternoon
Phuket Weather in May
Kathu in the morning of 17 May
Phuket Weather in May
Kathu in the afternoon of 17 May

One thing is sure, it is very hot and we need rain to refill reserves. As said sea is lovely so people can enjoy all tours and low rates at hotels.
Karon Beach - Phuket
Karon Beach in mid May 2015

Forecasts are conservative and keep saying that it will rain, that's true but not for at least another ten days.

Kamala Beach - Phuket
Kamala Beach on 19 May 2015
Last minute update from Phuket, yesterday (24 May) and today we had first serious rainfalls, Sunday rain for all afternoon. While today just from 16:00 hrs til evening. Wind pick ed up with waves in open sea up to one meter.

This was well awaited for specially as Phuket was facing a water shortage.

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