Thursday, June 4, 2015

Phuket Weather update from 23rd May till 5th June 2015

Finally it did rain, i know for those on holidays isn't a great news but believe me is a relieve from the heat and water reserves were very low.
Phuket island
Rain in Kathu

Despite rain we don't have wind and sea is almost flat making easy and possible to enjoy snorkeling at Racha Yai and snorkeling at Phi Phi Islands
Laem Singh Beach - Phuket
View over Laem Singh Beach on 25 May 2015

Now time for rafting and tubing in Kapong and for beautiful tours in Khao Sok National Park.

Bring a t shirt to change a dry bag and light rain coat, that all need to enjoy holidays in Phuket during Summer
Diego Bianchi
Always with my dry bag during summer

And here some more ideas on things to do in Phuket when it rains.

Like a nice evening tour in Old Phuket Town

Old Phuket Town
Clock tower in Phuket Town

Or learn more about Thai Food and Phuket life with an home style cooking class
Cooking class in Phuket
Home Style Thai Food

It is important to know that during Summer in Phuket it doesn't rain all day for few days and everywhere.

There are thunderstorms that locally can pour a lot of rain in a short time. So can rain at an hotel location and be sunny and fine all day at Phi Phi islands or other locations. As can be the opposite. in case of severe weather activities or tours are suspended but need first to get to the meeting points to have the correct picture about the weather situation. And some time take the "risk' of getting wet during the day.

Same is for the time could rain at Pick up time and then be good during the day or could be nice in the morning and then turn bad during the day

For these reason one of the tours we like to suggest during summer is the Phi Phi Premium that combines the comfortable transfers in premium class, where customers are always comfortable despite sea conditions, with fun speed boat ride to best sightseeing at Phi Phi Island

Tours to Phi Phi Islands
Premium Class salon

Or compare with weather in Phuket in June 2014

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