Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Phuket weather in May 2014 from 1st to 14th

It is time again for South west Monsoon, but first of all see what happen during last part of April.

April was surely hot and dry only few thunderstorms and some rain but really not enough to relief from hot temperature and drought. Specialist s said was the driest season in Phuket since 30 years.

Consider that since end of November didn't rain at all. We have enjoyed cool and dry air up to end of March. But as been more windy then normal during the North East Monsoon season. 

So we leave behind the flat sea on Phuket West Coast, as the picture below of Laem Singh Beach

Phuket beaches - Laem Singh Beach
Laem Singh Beach in Phuket

And we came into May with more rainfalls and thunderstorms. During first week they were locally  without wind and the sea was flat during. At least the rain during the night helped to cool the temperature but humidity increased.

Once humidity increases we feel that air is hooter and this was the situation during first week of May, no wind, very hot, best stay out at sea and enjoy the evening breeze on boat.

On the 10th of May the situation changed with first storm coming from west bringing heavy rain and strong wind during the storm. This means that the South West monsoon as kicked in and for few days we will have sunshine alternate to rain and wind. The Sea on West coast will be choppy all day long.
Weather in Phuket - Kathu hiils
Rain storm cover Kathu Hills - view from our new offices
Can compare with last year situation and have a better idea about weather in Phuket during May so will make easier to plan your holidays.

Time again for Rafting, tubing, enjoy waterfalls and rivers that slowly start to fill in.

May is also a month with a lot of Public holidays, the labor day on 1st of May. Then we had Thailand Coronation day on 5th May. soon followed by the Royal Ploughing Ceremony day on the 9th and close with one of most important religious holidays the Visaka Bucha Day on the 13th of May.

The Visaka Bucha Day falls on 6th Lunar month full Moon and Buddhist celebrate three important milestones in the life of Lord Buddha; birth, enlightenment and death. 

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