Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Phuket Weather Update 17th March / 23rd March 2014

The weather in Phuket at the moment in not very changeable, in fact I don’t think it has changed that much in the last three months. It has gotten a little hotter each week yes, it has rained only once in that time.

Who can complain about that, this is the high season here on the Andaman Coast, and so far, it has been an excellent season, with more and more tourist than ever before coming for the Thai weather, while they escape their own winter blues.

Unfortunately nothing last forever and the weather will soon change accordingly. Next month sees the start of the Thai New Year Festival, otherwise known as Songkran, and for those that have witnessed this quite crazy celebration will agree that how much fun it can be.

The Songkran festival is celebrated on the 13th until 15th of April (dates vary very slightly in different provinces of the country) in Thailand as the traditional New Year's Day and is the start of the much wetter monsoon season. Please do not think that it rains all the time after this date, as it does not. Phuket is still a perfect destination for your holidays any time of year.

Latest Weather

Monday 17th March: Max Temp 36 - min Temp 25 degrees very little breezes and some cloud cover. A touch cooler during the late evening time

Tuesday 18th March: Max Temp 34 – Min temp 26 degrees clear skies for most of the day, meant the evening was a touch cooler but not much.

Wednesday 19th March: Top Temp 36 degrees down to 23 late night, quite a large difference in temperatures today. In the shade out of the breeze it is very hot in fact stifling at times.

Thursday 20thth March: Max Temp 35 degrees down to 26 degrees. Today we went to James Bond Island and what great day we always try to do something on a Thursday as it is a little bit less crowded during the week. See below for more details…

Friday 21th March Max Temp 34 degrees, and a low of 25 again the weather is still very settled no sign of any rain, we did have a drop last week. Must have been a lost and lonely wandering rain cloud because it has not been back to bless us.

Saturday 22nd March: Max Temp 33 degrees and lows of 21 degrees no rain this week we could do with some now as it is really starting to turn the land light brown, even the coconut trees look like they need a drink or two. To be fair, once it starts raining we will only complain.

Sunday 24rd March: Max Temp 31 high going down to a milder 25 in the evening. Today we out to Jung Ceylon in Patong beach, it’s a great shopping centre filled with all the latest goods from around the world. You can stay there all day there are loads of place to eat and drink there is massage areas, book shops clothes, it is just like the shopping malls back at home.

is a great day out for the whole family. Avoid the hustle and bustle of the other and more crowded tours and come with us, as we show you one of the most famous little islands in the country. 

James Bond Island is so called because the movie The Man with the Golden Gun, Starring Roger Moore as 007 (James Bond) and Christopher Lee as Scaramanga his deadly adversary, was partly filmed there.  

Our private sightseeing tour is tailor made for everyone. We will pick you up in the early morning in our own luxurious Mini Bus, and then we will take you to see islands that you would never even dream existed, like Koh Panyee the island built on Stilts in Phang Nga Bay. Then we will whisk you off on a traditional Thai long tail boat through the mangroves and other small land outcrops and islands. 

Included is a detailed tour of the famous Bond island plus lunch is served supported by a Thai menu, after lunch, we will visit other sightseeing areas. All you need to bring with you is a little spending money in case you want to purchase souvenirs, some sun cream, and a hat maybe and of course your camera.

That’s all folks see you all next week, and be sure in the meantime to check our Easy Day website for all the latest tours that you too can join us on.