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Songkran Day 13 April 2015

What is Songkran day?
The name comes from Sanskrit and in other regions around Asia is the new year day, in all these areas the main religion is Buddhism.
Among Thai people is simply the New Year celebration in Thailand and marks the passage from the hot and dry season to the more humid and rainy Summer. Until the end of 19th century was the official new year day. the Thailand uniformed to rest of the world moving to 1st January, despite this Thai People celebrate the New year on 13th April every Year.

It is most important celebration in Thailand and is public holidays from 13th to 15th April

It is a day to stay together with friends and Family, enjoy food and splash a lot of water each others and to others. The water will refresh people and wash away all bed from past year

Thai People will take all the Buddha out the house and revere them with gently perfumed shower , then start the day, when  visit someone house will be a polite gesture to pour water and flowers on the Buddah of the house

Songkran Day - Thailand New Year
Songkarn day - Thailand
Songkran Day - Thailand New Year
Songkran celebration

When is Songkran in Phuket ?
SongKran is from 13th to 15th April and in some areas even longer, In Phuket Celebration is only on the 13th April, when everyone gather along streets and start splashing from morning to sunset
Thailand New Year Day - Songkran
Easy Day Thailand Team, ready for action

Why is Songkran so special?
Thailand has strong traditions dating back in history and Songkran is considered one of most important day in the year and marks the important passage from dry season to rain.
Thailand New Year Day - Songkran
Splashing time

Being Agriculture a very important part of Thailand life the Songkran Day keeps its importance in people life and is a day for everyone o relax and have fun. It is common to see people splashing Police officers and from them reply with a smile and bit of water too.
Thailand New Year Day - Songkran Day
Songkran 13 April

Some important things to keep in mind during Songkran celebration:

By tradition the water splashing is between sunrise and sunset.
When dark people will dress then normally and do not except that tourists splash water all night just thinking is fun. To avoid confontrations and problem, just follow the tradition and behave.

It is not allow drink alcohol along the streets and public areas designated for water play, don't complain then if Police come and pick up those that though was just a big pool party.

Dress properly as requested by Thai habits. Songkran isn't world biggest wet shirt competition.

Everyone like drive around and stop at the spots where people splash each other, driver very carefully. Sometime ice is add to water and splashed on riders face...most of times is fun..sometime accidents happen.

Drink and drive is a criminal offense also at Songkran Day.

How to fully enjoy Songkran Day

Find a place where gather with your friends enjoy a BBQ and some beers, play fairly with those like to play splashing each other, don't drive around to avoid accidents.

When sun goes down put all "weapons" away, relax and have a good night sleep, next day is a new year
Phuket - Thailand
Sunset at Kamla Beach 

Phuket weather update:

A quick about to let everyone know that weather is fantastic and very hot and seems that will stay like this for all next week, making Songkran perfect.

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