Friday, February 20, 2015

Phuket Weather February 2015

Weather in February is as expected, clear blue sky. The wind sometime has been bit stronger than normal making air temperature very pleasant.
Phuket Weather in February
Bungalow Bay on Valentine day 2015 - Racha Yai Island

Same as the sea that seems to be a bit cooler than usual.

Overall very good, just around Chinese new year (18 to 20 February) a tin line of clouds covered the sun and on 18 night few drops of rain made the night sleep great.

This will be the year of the goat in Chinese Lunar calendar 

Spirit house in Thailand
The spirti house ready for Chinese New Year
From today all back to normal a strong wind in the morning cleared teh sky and now is a beautiful day.
Phuket weather in February
Loch Palm Golf in Kathu - 20 Feb 2015

Forecasts say that all rest of the month will be "boring' with no rain or wind.

Time to enjoy sea and sightseeing to islands such as Racha Yai, see pictures here below
Raya Yai Island - Thailand
Patok Bay early morning 15 feb 2015 - Racha Yai island

 Not so good for rafting and tubing as the rivers are very low and dry

 We will back in March with Phuket weather updates

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