Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Phuket weather 13 and 14 August 2013

Two beautiful days with just a bit of rain on Tuesday evening that last for about one hour. The Tropical Cyclone Utor, at the moment moving to the South China Sea, doesn't affect weather in Phuket.
South part of Phuket Island - from the sea
On boat off Phuket Island in August 2013

Was a great day to be on boat and dive at Racha Noi, crystal clear water, white sand bottom and sun makes this Island, south of Phuket, perfect for snorkeling. Not so many boats are going to this beautiful place that often is unknown to those that travel to Phuket since many years. best way to enjoy Racha Noi is a boat private charter.
Racha Noi Island - Thailand
Racha Noi Island - Banana Bay

Forecast say that good weather will stay for all week, with wind getting a bit stronger but nothing serious, still during August weather can quickly change making any forecast wrong. Stay informed, don't play with waves and be careful about red flags on the beaches.

Can see from these pictures taken on the way to Racha Noi on 13th August morning.
Off Racha Yai Island - Phuket
Passing Racah Yai on the way to Racha Noi

Then during afternoon wind increased a bit and took clouds to Phuket with heavy rain for one hour, welcome to the tropics.
Clouds from the Sea south of Phuket
South of Phuket - afternoon 13 August 2013

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