Sunday, August 10, 2014

Phuket weather August 2014 update from 1st til 10th

here is our Phuket weather update, August started with a much better weather then July.

View of Patong Beach - Phuket
Patong Beach  on 9 August 2014
Today as in past three days the morning weather is lovely, sunshine a nice breeze and sea is flat. So a great day to enjoy beaches and tours to islands nearby Phuket.

Bamboo Island - Phi Phi Islands
Bamboo island on 7th August 2014

During first ten days of August the weather in Phuket is exactly what to expect on a tropical island during Summer. Nice morning, humidity and temperature increase during the day and mid or late afternoon local rain that sometime are storms.

Wind is strong and waves high only during the storms
Maya Bay - Phi Phi Islands Thailand
Maya Bay early morning 7th August 2014
Phi Phi Ley - Maya Bay
First boat at 7 am before all tours

Maya beach - Phi Phi Ley Thailand
Maya Beach early morning on 7th August 2014

There were two exception on 4th and 6th August when did rain almost all day.

Forecast for nest few days look good, considering the season, surely all those enjoy the long week end will have good time

This week end will have two extra days holidays, tomorrow 11th and Tuesday 12 August.

12th August in Thailand is a very important celebration. It is HM The Queen's birthday and so in Her honor it is Mother's Day. All communities around the country do celebration and organizing events to make places better and looking good.

Remember that alcohol is banned between Monday 11 and Tuesday 12, banks and government offices along with school will be close.

Enjoy Holidays

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