Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Review - Katherine Paramitha and Family

Dear Easy Day people's, I don't exactly know who to send this to, so I might as well CC this to everyone :s Sorry before.
Sorry again for not writing sooner. Been busy with stuffs. But here I am.

Here's my review and feedback for everything. 
Loved the service and friendliness during my email exchange with Francesco. Actually, I contacted several tour agents to help with my trip. 2 replied, Easy Day Thailand and another I will not mention. Francesco replied with a more friendlier way and makes it more comfortable. So I went 'yeah drop that unfriendly tour'. Replies came a bit late during the first emails but after a while it came super fast. I even said to my family 'I just wrote the email in the morning and the reply came in the evening, this is amazing.' Loved how richly informed I am. It's like I don't need to ask anything anymore.

[23] we arrived very late due to the problems inside the immigration. Probably 1 or 2 hours late. Found Bee waiting outside with my name and can clearly remember how relieved she was after I approach her. I felt really sorry. The driver picked us up in a moment and we were greeted with cold water and refreshing towels (which I have never seen before, yes.). Bee did a great job in capturing the hearts of grandpa-grandma even though she speaks little Chinese. Applause. Bee then gave us rambutan just after my mom saw a rambutan in display and got excited by it. The whole van went 'wooow'.

Went to the office, that's surprisingly far. My family was like 'how can someone has an office this far?' Far from the airport. Loved how Easy Day's office looks like a home  So we invaded Easy Day's office (sorry for the intrusion), I finally met with the Francesco from the emails, get informed on lots of other stuffs and the rest went on toilet break and the terrible 3 disturbed the peace of the office's fishes

Aunt complained about the driver to Bee and amazingly the driver drove much better on the next drive. It's like switching things lol. 

Official stops on that day was Big Bee Farm, Thai Hua Museum and the Phong Phang Restaurant. My family was enjoying themselves too much in Big Bee and literally had to tell them to be quick every minute. Bee helped to take care of the terrible 3, same thing at Thai Hua Museum. Thanks for taking care of the kids, Bee. 

Went to have lunch in a seafood restaurant that offers really good seafood. Got to try fresh sea crab here. Shortly saying, the foods here are great and had to thank Bee for ordering these. 

We even stopped at a fruit market and everybody went on a fruit rampage. Bee is so facilitating. 

Private Island Tour - Katherine and Family
Katherine and family at Promthep Cape

I thought we're going to go to many places for the Heritage tour, but well it's probably because we're late.

[24-26] : we departed for Phi Phi Island and stayed in Phi Phi Natural Resort. Everything has already been taken care of so it's really just follow the driver and follow everybody. The thing we regretted was to not book the longtail boat from Easy Day before. We ended up using the hotel's that's more expensive. The hotel tour used a speedboat (why it's expensive) and insisted on going despite raining hard in Phi Phi (when it's sunny the next day). Literally the worst day ever. I got a big bruise due to the bumpy speedboat(still has it till now :s) and most of my family fell sick on it. It's like getting fraud 
The 'advanced smartphone' that was lent to me came in handy. I called Francesco like twice or 3 times a day to ask this and that. And he skillfully answered my questions.

[27] Met Ann the new driver today and she's really amazing. She helped us carry the luggage and mercifully took us to a place for lunch even though it's not her responsibility. Thumbs up. Went for a Weekend Market tour with Bee and Ann. Bee helped us all night (taking care of the terrible 3, still) and helped us haggle prices with the seller. Bee also introduced us to many market snacks that's very good and a totally new experience for us. 
Private Island Tours Phuket  - Katherine's Family
The wonderful three
[28] Private Phang Nga Bay tour today. It's a total feast for the eyes because the view was amazing. The Longtail boat sometimes provide random refreshing sprinklers lol. Bee actually brought us a raincoat but the boat provides a bit cover, so it's not really necessary. Thanks for the raincoat anyway/ The adults and terrible 3 were dropped at James Bond Island, while Bee and grandpa-grandma crossed with a boat. Loved how Bee was really understanding with the oldies. Next stop to the Pan Yee Village where we had our lunch and went to visit the village. Enjoyed this day very much. 

[29] The Phuket Island sightseeing for today. Bee was really good with arranging the trip today because we went to lots of places to buy souvenir and foods and the kids wanted to visit the aquarium and go elephant trekking. All in one day, perfectly arranged. 

[30] Departed to Raya Island on this day, and had a little argument with the boatman over there over the receipt(sounds a bit unnecessary, but it happens). Turns out the trip to Raya Island is with a speedboat, my newly introduced nemesis. The speedboat trip literally made everyone in the boat soaking wet. The floating bridge in the island was also a horror. Just horror. Thank God that I didn't fell over the bridge. Called the Easyday hotline for my family's last minute decision and last minute cancellation. Really appreciate Easy Day for keeping up with me and my family. 

[31] Got into a miss communication with the receptionist in the hotel. I don't really know the details of the dispute because it's between my aunt and receptionist but according to her, the receptionist was being unfriendly and misinformed her. Anyways, we checked out the resort went through the horror of floating bridges and speedboat back to Phuket. Easy Day was very nice to let us borrow the office to change and rearrange the luggage because we're going straight to airport. Bit of a hassle, but everything's good till the end. The driver dropped us at Terminal 1 when we're supposed to be at Terminal 2. Had to drag all the luggage down a set of (long) stairs that made most of my family (bit) upset. 

Overall very satisfied till the very bit. Thanking Francesco for the helpful emails and patience with my calls, thanking Bee for always taking care of the terrible 3 and was very understanding with us. We traveled with many travel agents, met many tour guide. Have to say Bee is probably the best till now. Even my family loved Bee. Thanking Ann and the other driver for driving us to places. 
Have to admit my family is a demanding family, with lots of different demands and sometimes last minute decision, but Easy Day kept up with all of it and amazes me and my family. 

Will blog about you and spread out how good you guys do your job. Praying for Easy Day's future successes.

A satisfied customer,

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