Thursday, August 21, 2014

Phuket weather update from 11th til 21st August 2014

Phuket weather in August is much better than usual. Sea finally is flat and wind dropped making tours to Phuket nearby Islands pleasant despite some rain.

The picture of Bang Tao beach here below gives the clear idea of actual situation.

Image of Layan Beach - Phuket
Panoramic view Bang Tao to Layan Beach on 18 Aug 2014

On the left side is south to Bang Tao beach while right is Layan Beach, center is Laypang Beach. The sky form West is clear and a nice Sun is shining while south a thunderstorm is pouring rain down.

This has been Phuket weather during last few days, local thunderstorms with rain that some times was very heavy causing floods in some area of Phuket Island.
Image of Patong flood
Patong  beach flooded after heavy rain

From many years living here, watching the sky at to try to understand how weather works here found that situation as now are due to Phuket hills that collect clouds coming from the sea. Often those during day trips out to islands such as Phi Phi and Racha Yai don't see any rain all day.
Image of Phuket - Kathu Hills
Clouds over Loch Palm Golf - August 2014

However is weather enjoy holidays and take it easy rain is part of life, specially on a tropical island
Image of Bang Tao Beach - Phuket
Bang Tao Beach on 19 August 2014
For a better idea of Phuket weather in August 2014 compare with August 2013

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