Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Phuket Weather September 2013

Not much to say this month, we were expecting rain and clouds but at the it was quiet "dry".

More storms and heavy showers because of tropical storms on the South China sea rather then constantly raining and heavy rains, During past year many times in September we saw floods and rivers growing bigger. This disappointed those affected but it is also true that need the rain now o build up Phuket island water reserve.

The Bang Wad Dam and Reservoir in Kathu is now almost full but need more to be sure thee will be enough water during the dry winter.
Bang Wad Dam and Reservoir

Another unusual thing was the strong wind, in September usually wind is weak and this why sky can be cover of clouds for days. This time meteorological events were more violent with strong wind and high waves.

Tomorrow is October last month of raining period lets see what Mother Nature will decide to do.

If like to have a look on what happen in September in Phuket here below the weather reports.

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