Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Doing It Your Way - Phuket private tours

There are many different tours to Phang Nga and Phang Nga Bay: White water rafting, Elephant trekking, visiting waterfalls, Sea Canoeing and sightseeing by longtail boat or speedboat. But one thing these tours all have in common is a rigid schedule and itinerary to allow them to transport all the guests from activity to activity in the available time. This is fine, especially as the prices are often very reasonable but it can sometimes detract from the experience, especially if you have someone in the tour group being difficult or unpleasant.

What we have found living here is that it isn't so much the quantity that makes for a great day out but the quality. What you don't want is to be squeezed into the last seat on a boat or bus, spend ages in the bus picking up and dropping off everyone , made to leave a sight before you've really properly seen it or worst of all made to rush a meal.
Kapong Thailand
If like can follow the group

So how do you avoid these problems? That's an easy one!

Do It Yourself

But you don't know the sights, you don't have transport and you don't speak the language.
How can I do it myself!?!
Hot springs in Kapong - Thailand
Or try to get lost in a beautiful place

Another easy one: Let us at Easy Day Thailand Do It Your Way

We provide what you need:
Transport - Our luxury mini-van with driver
Local knowledge and language skills – our English speaking Thai tour guide

You decide on the exact itinerary, our guide will offer some advice and suggest places to go based on your likes and dislikes.
Khao Sok River - Thailand
make your holiday a great experience

The schedule is not just flexible – it is non-existent, you have no time to be at a particular place, if you have seen all you want to see of a place – move on, if you want to stay and take some more pictures – stay.

Our guide will do their best to avoid the crowds created by other tours and as the tour is so flexible the order in which you see things can be changed on the fly to adapt to the crowds on that particular day.

This is what tourism should be, seeing what you want to see in your own time and taking home fond memories of a truly magnificent place

Are you planning your vacation now or are you already here in Thailand? Perhaps enjoying some time relaxing in Phuket. You want something different, you want to see another part of this beautiful country, but not sure where or how to set it all up. Well we here at Easy DayThailand  can help you design a custom tour.
Racha Yai Island - Thailand
Beautiful place at the right time

So if you are serious about your next or this vacation being a memorable one for the whole family do not hesitate to contact us here at Easy Day Thailand to arrange a customised private tour for you.

We currently run regular private tours to Phang Nga, Khao Sok , sightseeing on Phuket Island.

We also run private day trips,overnight trips and Sunset dinner cruises on our snorkelling/diving boat the MV Sai Mai.
Phuket sunset cruise and dinner
Unique experience with MV Sai mai

And if you like to learn how to cook Thai Food try our very special private cooking class in Phuket

Coming soon: Private speedboat day trips on Easy Day's very own speedboat
Easy Day Thailand - Phuket
The team makes your holidays great

Your satisfaction and happiness is our business. Kap Khum Krap for your support

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