Thursday, October 3, 2013

Phuket Weather 1st to 3rd October 2013

This should be last month of rain and monsoon. Its is the traditional school holidays in Thailand because heavy rain is expected so better reduce activities and traffic.

That the good news here in Phuket at least it is easy go around, when roads are free from water.

So must say nothing special despite the amount of water falling from sky is sometime impressive. Showers can last for one or two hours with very heavy rain.

Nice blue sky and sunny weather change in few hours into dark clouds and heavy rain. As we have in first three days of October in Phuket.  On the 1ts was a good day with some rain in the morning, can see from Phuket fishing park picture down here. A nice and relaxing activities during holiday, definitely something different and fun.
Phuket fishing park
Phuket Fishing Park on 1st October 2013

Then on second October was a beautiful day with a bit of wind some clouds but almost sun shining all day.

During the night heavy rain started and keep going all day, so the river we use a reference was clearly showing the amount of water was falling from sky.
Phuket waterfall
Kathu Waterfall river - 2nd October 2013

Kathu Waterfall - Phuket
Kathu Waterfall river - 2nd October 2013

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  1. Thanks for the post, heading over shortly and hoping for drier weather!

    Best wishes, Kate