Monday, June 30, 2014

Phuket Weather in June 2014 from 21 to 30

Today we started with a very nice morning after the wind and heavy rains on Sunday. But during the  day more rain is coming.
Patong Bay from North side
This morning on the way to Kamala
Patong Bay north side
Same point last year 30 June 2013

Last part of June passed as was in Phuket forecast, during the week end (21 and 22 June) stormy and wet, then strong wind blown clouds away on Monday and Tuesday giving a great break between Wednesday and Friday. Also waves were much lower and all sea activities started again as usual.
Kalim Bay - Phuket
Kalim bay on 23 June 2014
Loch Palm Golf in Phuket
Loch Palm Golf course on 20 June 2014

I believe that weather in Phuket in June 2014 has been normal, strong wind with big waves, some short but powerful rainstorm alternated to good sunny days. June is one of best time in Phuket for those like surfing, however this nice open air activity need the perfect combination between wind and tides. If like to surf in Phuket best moment is during the incoming high tide. Combined with the big swells from off shore make the condition perfect to enjoy surfing. Mots famous beaches in Phuket among surfers lovers are Kata Beach and Kalim beach.
Surfing at Kata Beach - Phuket
Ready for surfing at Kata Beach

Surfing in Phuket - Kata Beach
Surfing at Kata Beach, in background Koh Pu

Don't forget while surfing in Phuket that sea can be very dangerous during summer monsoon, rip currents in Phuket between end of May and begin of October make difficult to swim and every year the sea claims few life.
Phuket rip currents warning sign
Swim in the area between two red and yellow flags

On all most important beaches there are signs displaying information about the Phuket west coats rip currents. How to deal with them and where is possible to swim. Also on all major beaches red flags are displayed.

What does mean red flag on the beach?

That it is dangerous to go in the water, even in shallow water, as the rip current is strong can knock a person down and drag the person in deep water.

However can still enjoy the beaches, just be careful and follow the signs. Best thing during summer is to book  hotels with nice pool settings.

If like to compare June 2014 with Phuket weather in June 2013, just follow the link to our weather reports

Now we are looking forward to July weather when in Phuket is normally good with weak wind, almost flat sea and not much rain.

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