Sunday, March 10, 2013

Reviews - Jen & Eric

"Dear Sri ~

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the excursions and transfers that we booked through you guys!  A fantastic operation that you all are running in Phuket!:)

I will forward your Trip Advisor info on to my husband, as he is our official "review writer" (he's written so many reviews on Yelp, that he's like Yelp Elite or something;p).  I know he planned on writing a rave review for you, but a nasty Flu bug has slowed him down this past week and a half, so it may take him a little while to complete the writing (he now has a lot of work to catch up on).

Thank you all for everything!!  Easy Day Thailand made our first trip to the country, one of the best trips we have ever taken in our lives!  Within a week, Eric and I knew that Thailand was a country we would LOVE to come back to and so much of that had to do with our outstanding experiences thanks to the efforts of the Easy Day Thailand staff.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Or I guess I should really say, "Khup Kun Kah!!":D

All the best!:)

Jen M."

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