Monday, May 7, 2012

Easy Day Thailand Staff Party at Khao Sok – Part 1

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Every one at Easy Day Thailand was very excited and really looking forward to the two day outing to Khao Sok National Park. After all it was 2 days away from work, staying at the beautiful “Cliff & River Jungle Resort”, with lots of great activities to keep us entertained. All in all we had a wonderful two days of excitement and adventures.

Tuesday started out at the marvellous hour of 4:00 am for yours truly, when my alarm awaken me so I and my girlfriend could be ready for the minivan pickup at 4:50. Unlike most minivan drivers in Thailand, ours was right on time, perhaps 5 minutes early. I am not sure what time he started, but he had already picked up two others. We headed over to Kathu to pick up several more people before heading north to Khao Sok for our first day of relaxation. We did make several stops along the way for fuel and provisions before arriving at picturesque Rajjaprabh Dam. First we stopped just off the dam to take some pictures for our scrapbooks.

The Easy Day  folks checking their cameras and stretching their legs after the long ride.

For those of you interested here are some facts about the dam; the crest length is 969 meters, with a maximum height of 94 meters; and a volume of 6.5 million cubic meters. It is a hydroelectric dam and produces a maximum of 240 MW. At its normal high water level of 95.0 m, the reservoir has an active storage of 5 050 million cubic meter and a water surface of 165 sq.km2. After project completion the Chiew Larn Dam was conferred by His majesty the King to be called the “Rajjaprabha” Dam which means in English the “Ligth of the Kingdom” Dam.

Here we see the inside and outside faces of the dam and down into the valley below it.

Rajjaprabh DamVally below the Rajjaprabh DamRajjaprabh Dam

But I must admit that these shots out over the lake Behind the dam are the most beautiful views. The pictures do not do this scene justice with the gigantic limestone cliffs rising out of the earth all around the lake.

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