Thursday, May 10, 2012

Easy Day Thailand Staff Party at Khao Sok – Part 4

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Once the necessary pictures had been taken we gathered for the quick transfer up river in the van and cars, only about 10 minutes, where everyone boarded canoes for a guided tour down the river. The river skirted along the cliff walls and past the resort and everyone had a relaxing time.

Canoeing at Khao Sok
Canoeing at Khao Sok
Upon our arrival down river, a hardy lunch was served and after the ride down river, everyone was hungry. Not to rush things, everyone relaxed for a couple of minutes to let our food settle before moving on to our next river voyage with Tubing. This time we decided to actually enjoy the river water and use large inner tubes to float down the river. One problem was getting in a starting the journey, the other was how cold the water was, by the time we were getting out everyone was looking to warm up.

Tubing at Khao Sok, Phang Nga
Tubing in Khao Sok, Phang Nga

All in all, it was a good day on the river and everyone agreed it was great fun and a different kind of adventure then they are use to. After a brief discussion, Diego decided since we got out of the river right at “The Cliff & River Jungle Resort” Restaurant, we might as well relax a bit and have dinner there before getting on the road to head home to Phuket. Dinner was very good and we all got to choose what looked good on the menu. Everyone’s hunger satisfied and warm again, we load into the various vehicles we came in for the long ride back, I was glad to be in the minivan and not driving. Everyone arrived home safe and sound after what was a great two day adventure to one of Thailand’s beautiful Nature Parks.

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