Friday, July 17, 2015

Phuket Weather update up to 17th July 2015

The Sun is shining again and sea is calm...that is the good news since 15 July.
Patong Beach - Phuket
Patong beach  on 17 July 2015

But lest see what happen before: June left with very hot temperature, some clouds but not relevant rain falls in Phuket.

Patong Bay - Thailand
Patong Bay on 1st July 2015
Then July started with wind that got very strong around the 6th and brought heavy rain and storms for about ten days.
Storm in Phuket - Surin Beach
Strong wind for ten days
That was the situation until late afternoon on 15th July when changed and since yesterday Phuket went back to a very calm weather, sea is calm and only a light veil of clouds cover the sky.
Patong Bay
Patong bay on 15 July 2015
So it is time again for all activities and to enjoy the sea out at the islands

Since one year the beaches are clean from chairs and small business and for those that like to relax on the beach is great to see how freely can walk along them

But keep in mind that from now until end of October it is very dangerous to swim. During Summer on Phuket West Coast rip currents are very strong and dangerous

Thailand Beaches warning sign
Warning sign for rip currents

If like to fully enjoy beach life then stay few days in Phi Phi and specially on the east side, sheltered from wind and  waves
Image of Phi Phi islands
Monkey Beach in Phi Phi on 2nd July 2015

Or go to beautiful Racha Yai Island

Forecast look very good for next weeks for the holidays. There will be some rain for sure.

Let us know for best things to in Phuket and Khao Lak during summer holidays in Thailand

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