Monday, December 15, 2014

Phuket weather Update up to 15 December 2014

It is high season and so not much to say about weather. During first two weeks of December weather in Phuket has been good. Some rain in the evening, locally heavy.

Didn't rain every evening just few times. During the day very hot and a mild breeze from east taking relief.

Patong Beach December 2014
Patong Bay on 1st December 2014

Then on 14 December a cloudy day with wind brought fresh air to Phuket, this happen every year in December. Don't forget that will be winter also here so temperature will go down a bit.... 24 Celsius in the early morning.
Loch Palm Golf - Phuket
Kathu hills 15 December 2014 - morning

Then this morning back to normal, still some clouds on the sky and evening a short rain that refresh air for a good night sleep

Sea has seen bad condition only on 14th December for the rest very good with water as usual between 28 and 30 Celsius

So nothing to be worry during holidays, just keep an eye to the sky and remember that Phuket is a tropical island and rain is part of its life. The green forest that covers almost part of it is a rain forest.

Forecast say that some more windy and rainy day could happen before end of the week eventually enjoy a great day at one of the many spa and massage in Phuket.

When look at forecast remember that the important part is the percent of coverage that identify the risk of rain and not the icon that generally says that weather is it should be
Karon Beach - Phuket
Sunset at Karon Beach on 11 December  2014

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