Monday, December 1, 2014

Tourist visa in Thailand

There was a lot of taling during Summer about new rules for extending a visa in Thailand.

The new rules for Tourist Visa then became effective in August and now it is much easier to extend your stay in Thailand.
Phang Nga Bay Thailand
Thailand Flag
This article is only about tourist visas, for those that enter Thailand on free visa visa on arrival or tourist visa will be possible to extend their stay directly at the immigration office.

Doesn't matter if the person got 30 or 60 days permit to stay on arrival then before the stamp expiring date just go to an immigration office, fill in the form, make copy of your passport and two picture (all can normally be done at immigration office).

If all is right the officers will grant a 30 days stay, fee is 1,900 Thai Baht

After those is possible to get seven more days, same procedures and fee

Then will be time to leave the Kingdom of Thailand and make a trip back

Thsi avoid the long and time wasting visa runs that are now story of the past, for tourists

Here more information about Thai VISA

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