Thursday, October 17, 2013

Phuket weather from 14 to 17 October 2013

Quickly we getting to end of the week and winter is getting closer.

Correct I said winter, and means Monsoon will turn blowing from North East. Fresh and dry air from inner Asia will keep sky clear and reduce humidity. In fact winter means high and good season.

Why winter in Thailand? Yes because Thailand is north of equator and follows same season as Europe and North America. Don't expect cold or snow. Will be dry, specially from January, air in the morning between mid November and end of January could be "just" 16 degree Celsius...and just for one hour. During the day will be very nice sunbathing as humidity is low,  making pleasant stay in the Sun.

For the moment still some shower and storm, but they normally last just one or two hours. the image here below show exactly what you can expect. Sun shining and storms at horizon, the Picture was take on the road between Patong and Karon Beach, where Le Meridien Beach Resort is located.
Phuket Blog - Strom off shore Karon
Flat Sea in front Le Meridien on 15 October 2013

Sea is now flat making perfect for any water activity, later in November will stay flat on west side where or famous beaches are and could be more rough on the way to Phi Phi islands. This condition will be normal specially during the morning when air will be colder than sea resulting in wind and waves.
Phuket Blog - Patong Beach
Flat Sea at Patong Beach on 17 October 2013

Update about Phuket life, last night an iconic Phuket place got fire and is now just a big pile of rubble still burning after 15 hours.

In the picture below takes at dawn in Kathu can see over the hill a tick smoke, isn't a cloud. That is 10 km away and behind hills. The famous Supercheap store is still burning.
Phuket Blog - Dawn at Kathu Hills
Smoke from Supercheap fire from Kathu on 17 Octber 2013

Supercheap in Phuket is a local supermarket chain, up to two years ago was just the huge superstore close to Mission Hospital in the north part of Phuket Town. Just opposite the Provincial Bus Terminal. in Phuket everyone has been there at least twice a year. At Supercheap you could find anything. From car spare parts to cooked meals. All best foreign brand. Restaurants, Hotels and boats use to get supplied form there. Hopefully nobody died inside last night when at 9:00 pm the fire started. We will miss the place and next week will be difficult find all supplies.

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