Sunday, October 13, 2013

Phuket Weather - 11 to 13 October 2013

Time is running and we already are in mid October, and at the end of famous Phuket Vegatarian Festival.

The Festival started under heavy rain as can see from our Phuket blog post few days ago. But since few days weather turned good with only few showers lasting maximum one hour.

So last night will be perfect for fireworks and crackers to make sure all Emperor Gods will make their way back to Heaven. And people can enjoy one of most strange things in Thailand. The open air cinema. Offered by Kathu Temple.
Phuket weather Blog - open air cinema
Open Air free movies in Kathu - 13 October 2013

The street cinemas in Thailand use old projectors that show the movie on a screen. The screen is sometime placed opposite the road than the projector so traffic pass in between, drivers slow down or stop to look part of the movie.

The one in the picture was in Kathu near the shrine to entertain people for vegetarian festival last evening. They are normally part of offers to temple or placed during funerals. In open air and open free to everyone like to stop and have a look or enjoy the full length.

Now with internet and satellite TV, people can enjoy a lot of movies any time and in remote areas too. But up to few years ago for small villages these kind of cinema where the only way to see new and old movies, specially Kung Fu.

For all next week forecast are good with only 30% to 40% probability of rain, despite tropical Storm Nari. It is going to crash over north East Thailand but already weakened by Vietnam.
Phuket blog - Realx bay beach
Relax bay at Le Meridien on 13 October 2013

A bit stronger wind is blowing however sea is almost flat and actually wind is keeping sky clean from clouds and allow the Sun to dry everything.

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