Sunday, September 1, 2013

Phuket Weather 29, 30 and 31 August 2013

Once again at month end, last two days of August were good as almost the moth but some more rain falls happen specially. So you could be at the beach sunbathing while other waiting to board boats ta Chalong pier could see rain coming close.
Chalong Pier - Phuket
Chalon pier - 30 August 2013

Overall two more good days and not too hot thank you the short rain. What is important that wind is down so is very enjoyable to go out on boats and safe, also can enjoy all beaches, still following warnings about swimming. The two pictures has been takes some day and almost at same time, on 30 August morning, The two places, Chalong Pier above and Laem Singh Beach Below are less then 20 far. Best example of weather you can expect in August in Phuket, so just enjoy what you have decided to do as weather is anyway unpredictable.
Laem Singh Beach - Phuket
Laem Singh Beach - 30 August 2013
The picture above show a view of Laem Singh beach a beautiful cove between Kamala Becah, at horizon and Surin Beach. During dry season (november to April), this is a very popular destination for some reason during Summer not many people come to this place that is even nicer without the the overload of chairs and people.

How to get to Laem Singh beach?  Easy if you stay somewhere from Rawai Beach and Patong need to go north, drive with the Ocean on your left, pass Kalim Beach go over the hill between Kalim and Kamala Beach. Down in Kamala follwo the main road, pass Phuket Fanatasea Show, follow main the main road, go up the slope and when road is flat look on your left. You should see the sign for parking (there is a small fee to pay) and depending on time of the year, will be empty as in the picture or so full that those arriving late will have problem finding space.
Road between Kamala and Surin
Laem Singh Beach parking area

If you stay in Syrin or more North (Bang Tao and Chern Talay), need drive south direction Kamala Beach and Patong Beach. When at Surin beach stay on main road, go up the hill and look at your right side will see a new view point, look for a parking place and walk down to the beach.

Remember to not carry too much with you as to get to Laem Sing need to walk down the mountain for about 10 to 20 minutes and then back after the day.

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