Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Phuket Weather 26, 27 and 28 August 2013

August is still giving a very good gift to everyone, nice weather, dry and not too hot, the picture here below was taken at Kata View Point yesterday. From west can see only blue sky.
Kata View Point - Phuket Island
Kata View Point - 27 August 2013

Today we saw bit more clouds and some rain late afternoon but this can't change much the great picture, for the pleasure of those that decided to take their holidays in Phuket in August despite statistics and a lot of wrong information keep saying that is raining season.

Karon Beach - Phuket Thailand
Karon Beach - 26 August 2013
Once again be careful about rip currents and don't swim too far from shore, in case get caught in the current...stay calm...and let the current take you, soon will stop, then try to swim to shore but avoid to go against current. Swim perpendicular to current even yo will arrive far from starting point.
Rips currents in Phuket
Warning at Kata Beach

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