Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Phuket Weather 2 July 2013

Much worst than expected, the tropical storm "Rumbia' hit South Thailand with its tale, changing variable day into a heavy rain afternoon. This morning large part of the sky where clear.
Asia Marine Shipyard - Phuket
Blue Sky over Phuket Town
Then slowly in the afternoon more clouds gathered and changed the day into rain. This should now stay for two days and then back with normal variable weather.
MV Sai Mai at Shipyard in Phuket
MV Sai Mai

Wind was quiet just strong wind gusts before heavy rain, however worst day should be Thursday then calm down to get back to good on week end.
Pictures were taken at Asia Marine Shipyard where our boutique liveaborad M/V Sai Mai is doing end of season maintenance and having a great lifting to make her nicer from next week.
MV Sai Mai - new color
MV Sai Mai in dry dock

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