Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Phuket Weather 26 June 2013

A calm day with sunshine and some clouds, no wind and overall all normal situation for the incoming month of July. Late afternoon saw some clouds but no rain all day, now without wind will feel more the heat and humidity.
Patong Beach Phuket
Patong Beach in front Loma Park

Wind is down since few three days now so waves are very small and gently splash on the beach during low tide at sunset. So everyone take a moment to relax and enjoy the view.
Patong Beach Phuket
Patong Beach low tide

If you are in Patong and like to see some local life then at sunset go to Loma Park where many people like to chill out , have a light dinner and children play at the park.
Patong Beach Phuket - Sunset
Sunset at Patong Beach - Phuket

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