Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Phuket Weather 25 June 2013

A great for surfing at Kata Beach specially when is high tide, during this week also the biggest full moon of the year, is making waves perfects.
Surfing at Kata Beach Phuket Thailand
Surfer at Kata beach during high tide

The high tide is at the moment around Noon but will move day by day to the afternoon, by end of the months tide will be less high as we will be in half moon.
Surfing at Kata Beach Phuket Thailand
Surfing at Kata Beach Phuket

With this Moon we also saw change in weather conditions and now wind is very weak and sky is clear, the sea will calm down taking us into July that normally for Phuket is a very good month with conditions close to those in the winter, with little rain and flat sea.
Kata Beach Phuket Thailand
Kata Beach Phuket

Great for diving with clear water, less divers and can enjoy special offers from hotels, two years ago in July we have spotted often Whale Sharks between Phuket and Phi Phi island.
Whale Shark at Shark Pint  - Phuket Thailand July 2011
Whale Shark close to M/V Sai Mai - Phuket July 2011

Join us on M/V Sai Mai in Phuket

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