Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Phuket weather September 2014 update

The second half of September has been excepiotionally good. Weather in Phuket is very good for this time of the year.
Lom Dalam Bay - Phi Phi Islands
Low tide at Lom Dalam Bay - 26 September 2014

Image of Lom Dalam Bay - Phi Phi Islands
Can still enjoy beach chairs at Phi Phi island

Since 14th september there have been on three days with heavy rain and storms,that was during the passgae of storm Fung-Wong or Mario  September 19.

As usual when strong tropical storms hit Philipinnes and Vietnam during Summer, Phuket experiences heavy rains and strong wind. and that was the case between 15 and 17 September.
Laem Singh Beach - Phuket
Laem Singh Beach - 21 Septemer 2014

Since then looks like Phuket alreday slip into high season weather, calm sea, no rain and in last few days even coller ari at night.

Phuet weather in September is usually very wet with lot of rain, i beieve that September 2014 will be remebered as the driest in many decades. if thsi is good for those enjoying holidays must say that need rain to restore water reserve and for the nature.
Coral island - Phuket
Coral island on 29 september 2014

Forecast say that some more rain and wind will come during week end
Sunst at Patong Beach
Sunset at Patong Beach September 2014

Phuket weather forecast

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