Sunday, September 7, 2014

Phuket weather September 2014 - update from 1st til 7th

Latest Phuket weather update

Today weather in Phuket isn't the best. tick clouds cover the sky and wind is blowing. Despite this not much rain. Probably most of the people this morning will ask themselves the usual question

What to do in a rain day in Phuket?

A lot still available, first of all take it easy and relax it is holidays time. Can take a tour around the island visit best places, some museum and late afternoon enjoy the walking street at Thalang Road
Image of Phuket big Buddha
Phuket Big Buddha on 3 September 2014

Take a taxi and go to a spa for three hours, relaxing and great for your health. Best spas are bit more expensive but worth the money

A lot more such as karts, minigolf and thousand more

During the week weather has been great up to Friday, beaches are beautiful without chair, here below the image of Nai Harn beach.
Image of Nai harn Beach - Phuket
Nai Harn beach now free - 4th September 2014

From Friday wind picked up and Saturday wave were bigger out at sea. I took the picture here below at Paradise Beach, that is the only place near Patong where can enjoy sunbeds and great beach. How to get to Paradise beach.
Image of Paradise beach - Patong
Paradise beach on 6th Sept 2014

Paradise Beach - Phuket
Sunbeds at Paradise Beach 6th Sept 2014
Forecast say wind will blow for two more days then we should enter the real rain season

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