Sunday, July 13, 2014

Phuket weather July 2014 - 1st to 13th

Two weeks full of events

Welcome in July, normally weather in Phuket in July isn't so bad. Same rain for sure, it is normal during Summer. But not strong wind and big waves.

Here can compare with July 2013 

The first two weeks of July saw mainly rain and very strong wind, the situation was affected by Typhoon Neoguri that formed in the China Sea off shore in Philippines and then directed to Japan.

Its was a strong and big event that affected also the weather here in Phuket. So we started with rain on the 1st July.

This day also marked the begin of Ramadan for Muslim people, fasting now all day for one month, Big meals and a lot of food going at night among the Muslim communities in Phuket.

Then from 2nd to 5th July weather in Phuket has been quiet good, with sunshine, still strong wind and offshore waves were between two and three meters.  During these days we had an important news in Phuket. All chairs and small business were removed from Patong beach. This action on line with new national laws aimed to put order on the beaches. now they are a bit less comfortable but surely back to their original beauty. More space, less noise and rubbish.

Kathu District - view on 1st Juky 2014
Phuket weather 1st July 2014 - view of Kathu
Picture from our friend Ta - Fishing pier of Phuket
Koh Sirey - Phuket 3rd July 2014

Kathu Waterfall Phuket
Kathu River still low despite rain
From 6th July weather in Phuket started to be more stormy with isolated heavy rains, strong wind was the main feature until this afternoon (13 July 2014). Rain and sun alternate in sky.

Relax bay beach Phuket
Le Meridien Phuket on 5th July 2014

Kathu waterworks dam
The waterworks level lakes is still dry on 6th July 2014

Between 8th and 10th July weather was bad with strong wind and rain.

Kathu hills Phuket
Rain storm hits Kathu on 8th July 2014

Patong Beach high tide
High tide in Patong beach 10th July 2014

Patong Beach Phuket
New Patong Beach

Patong Beach Phuket
Patong beach new look - 10th July 2014
On 11th July another important event happen, it was Khao Pansa day. This opens the Buddhist lent period. Was public holidays and a lot of celebration were made all over Thailand. In Kathu the 6th cultural street festival took off, a real success. Also very lucky as from 11th to 13th rain was rare over Kathu and a lot of people could enjoy this event.
Kathu - Phuket
Clear sky over Kathu at sunset on 11th July 2014

The Cultural street at Kathu is one of that things to not miss when thinking what to do in Phuket during a rain or cloudy day.  A lot of food sold on the street, can see some of Phuket's culture and history and enjoy a great shopping at very local market.

Thailand traditional custom
Our driver Ann got ready for the parade
The 12th July moon it is also very important because one of the big moon of the year, when the full moon looks very close and big. Supermoon for the full moon lovers

For next week forecast are very good with calm sea , no wind and almost dry for more forecast on Phuket weather have a look to these links

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