Thursday, June 5, 2014

Reviews - Adam and Tara

Good evening Francesco,

I hope you are well.

We have just returned from our 2 day 1 night trip and would like to provide you with some feedback.

Overall I think the tour was satisfactory but there are a few aspects of the itinerary where I feel very short changed and that things could have been better.

Firstly our stop at the Tsunami museum was something we were looking forward to very much, but when we arrived there I could have easily mistaken it for a market stall, the only give away was the fact the owner was selling Tsunami magazines at 300 baht, over 3 times the price printed on the front! And what a museum comprises of in my head is more than a 1 metre wall with a few faded photos on it.

Our next stop at the 'Monkey Cave' was exactly that, a pit stop. The cave was off limits but in fairness we did see some monkeys.

The elephant trekking was really good but only lasted 45 minutes instead of the advertised 90 minutes.
Lunch was a highlight. Everyone enjoyed the food!

We then worked our way to the raft houses on the lake, they were brilliant set in even better surroundings. Dinner was fantastic however our night safari was a bit of a joke. Our guide told us 5 minutes in that they have never seen anything before and that we should do it on the morning if we wanted to see any wildlife, but then that wouldn't be a 'night' safari would it? We headed back shortly afterwards via a tree stump which nearly flipped the boat, I know this could have happened to anyone but at that point it only added to a disappointing experience.

The morning safari was combined with the boat ride across the lake to the rainforest trek starting point. Our guide through the jungle was very enthusiastic and fun, Bra did her best to show us as much wildlife as she could find. The trek bought us to the motor powered bamboo raft jetty. Which we used for our 10 minute crossing to the cave on the lake.
The cave tour was interesting and enjoyable.
We left the raft house at 12.30pm after another good lunch.

We got to our minibus changeover point at 2.10pm, to find we would have to wait for around an hour for a group of Russians who were at that point rafting, motor free, down a river. Could this spare hour not have been spent better, like at the raft house maybe..or joining in with the rafting?

Tara and I did both enjoy the trip as a whole but don't feel it justified the cost we paid.
My overall disappointment lies in the fact that we could have booked  the accommodation and the worthwhile activities ourselves at a fraction of the cost. We chose however to book with a credible company such as yourselves (knowing this would cost more) on the basis that your company would have spent good time on planning the perfect itinerary.

I wanted to email you personally about our feedback as I do like to leave TripAdvisor reviews and wouldn't like to be unfair by publishing negatives without approaching you first.

I look forward to your reply.



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