Friday, April 18, 2014

Phuket Heritage Tour

Falling in love with Phuket again......

Getting more quiet in the office this week so I decided to go with our tour guide “Bee” and check out our new tour which we will organize for our customer to see enchanted Phuket old town, “Phuket Heritage Private Tour”

We were planing to meet at the Chinese temple to follow the tour program that we've set and to avoid long walk at the end of the tour but since we wanted to start early and breakfast is my important meal of the day we decided to meet at Roti place on Thalang
Local food "Khao Yam"
Khao Yam (Rice Salad)
After breakfast we started our route here. Before today I thought I was a queen of Thalang road since I came here quiet often buying my crafting stuff, fabrics and many times just come here for a cup of coffee and sitting for hours with my favourite book but it turned out that I know nothing about this place and thanks to guide Bee who is very knowledgeable and told me all stories and history that I wanted to know.

The buildings here are unique and you could see different cultures through them. We stop at one of the house which open as Tour information so tourists can see how the building look like from the inside.

Phuket town old building
Old Building
We continued walking, Bee kept answering my questions while we walked, same time I tried to take as many pictures as possible and it was amazing that on this road you can find so many different kind of store (ribbon, fabrics, fishing net, hardware store, gold, etc.) and most of them are family business which been passing through generations. Then Bee take me to old Chinese herb shop which been running by same family since 1917. I like the smell in the shop and get to have a little chat with nice old man the owner and also bought some herb medicine home.

 Our next stop is “ Phuket Thai Hua Museum”  which for me it's very interesting museum with many exhibition rooms and short movies that telling history of the connection between Phuket and China.

Thaihua was the first Chinese-language school in Phuket which still running but school had moved to Vichit Songkram road and turned this building into the museum with two floors full of knowledge and history in this charming and well maintenance Sino-Portuguese building. I could have stayed for the hold day if not because we still have a few more places to visit so I decided that I will be back again with my daughter and we can learn Phuket history together.

 It didn't feel like much walking we've done but we started to feel Phuket sun, however it was perfect time to go to the local fresh market since the busiest time is in early morning so even though it was getting hot but not too crowded.

If you like to buy some Thai spices back home this market is just perfect! You can also find all different kind of curry paste, fresh vegetables and fruits, Thai snacks, fresh juices, etc.

Then from the market we walked up to Ranong road to one of the biggest Chinese shrine in Phuket town “Jui Tui shrine”

It very fascinating to be in these colorful buildings and see all displays of Chinese gods, they even play Chinese music in the background. For Thai people it is in our mind that you have to be calm and dress politely when you are in the temple. I don't really know much about Chinese shrine so I was following Bee who seem to know exactly what she was doing and there was also apattern to walk in which they put number on each door so you can follow. Bee and I also tried “Fortune stick” which what you have to do is to sit, hold the box of fortune sticks in your palm, make a wish to Chinese gods then shake the box until one of the stick fall off and there will be the number on the stick that will lead you to pick up same number of the paper which will tell you roughly what your life would be like in your near future and if you get good one you should keep that paper but if it not good then you leave it at the shrine, my was good so I keep it.

Lunch time! Bee ask what I would like to eat and since we are now doing Phuket Heritage tour why don't we just eat something that goes with our tour, something that represent Phuket so we agree on having Hokien noodle and Bee know the best place in town for it.

Bee walked me to “Ko Yoon” restaurant which according to Bee and the sign in front apparently it is the best Hokien noodle in town, I had seafood noodle soup and Bee had one with pork. It was really tasty and for me it was best Hokien noodle I've ever tried
and since they running restaurant in their house there was nothing like sitting in restaurant so don't expect any luxury just eat your best noodle and enjoy looking at picture frames of family members at the same time.

After lunch we were suppose to go to Khao To Sae or Monkey hill for last stop of our Phuket heritage tour for our customers to visit viewpoint and see Phuket town from the top view and see some monkey but since we've been there many times already and I have to go back to the office we decided to end our tour after lunch.

It had been a really fun day for me and definitely coming back with friends and family to show them this charming old Phuket town.

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