Monday, March 3, 2014

Phuket Weather 24th Feruary - 2nd March

Phuket Weather Update 24th Feb / 2nd March 2014

Here is the latest weather report for those keeping a check on your next holiday destination. But before that here is a little local news.
 A Myanmar (Burmese) national survived more than 12 hours alone in the sea by holding onto

Two coconuts.

The 21-year-old man, who identified himself as Poy, was pulled from the water by men on a longtail fishing boat at about noon on February 4 in Bo Phut, Koh Samui.

Mr Poy had been working on a construction site in Koh Pha Ngan. On Monday night, he and four friends were drinking on the beach.

“At about 11pm, my friend and I got into an argument. He started to attack me. He hit me hard on the shoulder with a three-inch woodenstick,” said Mr Poy.

“I ran for my life toward the water because I did not know where else to go.

“Fortunately, I found two coconuts on the beach. I grabbed them and held on tight as I knew I would not be able to swim with my injured arm. I had no idea where I was going,” he said.

“I held on to the coconuts all night and into the morning before a longtail boat picked me up.”

Here below is the last week’s weather:- you may notice that the lows are getting higher and the highs are not getting any lower: confused you won’t be read on

Monday February 24th: Max Temp 34 - min Temp 25 degrees no breezes other than when a small bird flies over head. Some light cloud cover towards the evening time.

Tuesday 25th February: Max Temp 35 – Min temp 27 degrees light breezes, little cloud cover again early evening the temp dropping down to 27.time for a cool beer.

Wednesday 26th February: Top Temp 35 degrees another hot day, just been up to the airport, and it’s very busy, the hew terminal is coping very well 26 degrees at night again some light cloud cover.

Thursday 27th February: Max Temp 34 degrees down to 24 degrees. Today we went over to James Bond Island on our Speed boat tour

Friday 28th February Max Temp 33 degrees, down to an overnight of low 24, another fine day here on Phuket island, and I think we all deserve an ice cold cocktail, I shall have a Mai Tai.

Saturday 1st March: Max Temp 34 degrees today with a night time low of 26 degrees clear early morning, even the trash men were in a good mood today another great for the Beach day let’s try Kamala.

Sunday 2nd March: Max Temp 34 degrees down to a night time low of 21 degrees another great day quite a shirt in temperature throughout the day. Sunday is great day for shopping in Phuket Town

Two events are coming to tow soon be a part of them read it all here:

Phuket Pride Week is 8 days of pure fun and celebrates the biggest Gay Pride Festival in Asia. During the week, the Phuket Loves You Club launches the Pride week from Sunday 20th April to Sunday 27th April 2014…

Sri Suntorn Festival is celebrated as one of Phuket Island’s most famous carnivals. It takes place in the Thalang area of the island, near Bang Tao Beach and near the victory monument, which is pretty much bang in the middle of the island