Monday, March 17, 2014

Koh Nang Yuan Island

Koh Nang Yuan is an island by Koh Tao that will simply take your breath away. There are paradise islands, and then there is Nang Yuan the little island is actually made up of three pieces of land and which are connected by a huge sandbar. It’s a place where postcard pictures are taken, and where people dream about when life is tough.
Koh Nang Yuan is owned by a local business and visitors can expect to be charged a 100 Baht entrance to get on the island. The small fee goes a long way in keeping the island in pristine condition, in fact guests are asked not to bring plastic onto the island  instead all drinking water is served in reusable glass. It is such a refreshing change to see people really care about the environment, in such a positive way.

Koh Nang Yuan is about a 10 minute journey from the west side of Koh Tao. There are speed boat tours available as well as the large ferry company offering a package day trip but you will be surrounded by literally hundreds of others, it may be cheap and cheerful if that is what you like.

The island host a small resort, which has excellent accommodations and the staff are just so friendly and helpful, you will not want to leave this idyllic tiny little piece of paradise. There really is not much to do on Nang Yuan other than explore the island itself sunbath or go scuba diving, there is a small dive centre located right on the island.

There is just one restaurant on the island and only one small beach bar. Remember that is is on a small island and most things purchased here will be a little more pricey than the main island. Then again you get what you pay for and the prices tend to keep any strays island beer bar flies away. The menu is not so extensive but the food is of high quality. The beach bar is, unsurprisingly, located on the beach and is on the expensive side too.

Depending on which time of the month you decide to go will dictate how much or how little of a beach you will have to lie on the beach can be a tiny lace of sand racked with sun loving bodies, or a wide, uninhabited stretch of paradise. Amazingly, it remains beautiful either way.

Words are hard to find when trying to describe the snorkeling on Koh Nang Yuan as simply put, it is one of the best snorkeling spots in Thailand. 

The shallow reefs surrounding the island are lined with intricate soft and hard corals as well as schools of beautiful coloured Wrasses, fascinating colorful Parrotfish, the Damselfish will try to nibble your toes it’s like a dream.   
Shelter from the islands means the water is calm and clear. 

There is also great diving here too and dive boats visit the area regularly the dive sites here are called Twin Peak and Japanese Gardens and lie just off the island and are shallow enough for snorkelers to enjoy too. Snorkeling gear can be rented in the Koh Nang Yuan Resort’s Dive Shop, if you want to try diving or are experienced then this is a great spot..

The island does have a couple of drawbacks like certain times of the year there does tend to be a lot mosquitos and there is obviously a limited supply of water but all this just adds the unique island way of life, if you like island in paradise setting then be prepared to fall in love with Koh NangYuan.

There is free transfer from the main pier on Koh Tao, usually by longtail boat, which will bring you directly here. 

Koh Nang Yuan View Point

Another great thing to do on the island is take a small trek to the top of the view point where you can get some great panoramic photos to show your friends at home just what you have doing. Be warned though the path is quite steep and it does get hot especially under the midday sun, don’t forget your camera and a bottle of water.  

Oh course I nearly did not mention that Koh Nang Yuan’s newest attraction is ziplining, oh yes you got it Ziplining. You will be giving a short brief before you take the plunge over the edge. The course consists of two lines that go between the island it is the world’s first island to island zipline, incredible.

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